Anchor Reads Own Marriage Proposal on Live TV

An anchorwoman in Alabama reads her script, which turns out to be a marriage proposal.
2:54 | 03/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anchor Reads Own Marriage Proposal on Live TV
I was doing the Nexus One ought to be good I haven't seen it I can't -- get to but I read an. You know the news business -- breaking news this just in. Breaking news for -- Huntsville Alabama anchor woman she goes to read a story it turns out the breaking news is actually a wedding proposal. For her and her longtime boyfriend let's -- People had just learned that -- Huntsville news anchor is being proposed it. I'm -- really pray now -- in -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. All right I tend not like these stunts but I think I like this one. This -- gone viral Juliet Papa because Twitter pages filled with congratulations and update -- And she said. That time to read the script before she did it live and that's 126 year old longtime boyfriend to thank you and got -- -- need one me and they're excited. Okay here are more of this story here an anchor person out there in the world and -- -- -- watch -- read your script. I've had a has defended I want a divorce just. -- Oklahoma together that's next right now coming from -- mom who has many many sleepless days I guess because I work all night. Apparently it was a study a -- that came out that says why -- -- in three marriages. Some come to a divorce because the crying -- speaking of Hainan and three I can't. I still can't believe -- -- throughout -- 33% chance of it. And I actually say a 22000 parents found -- percent of and the look exactly can we get them back. It was nice interrupted by the news outlet center of these couples and they pretend to -- -- the partner gets up to take Kennedy. 100 is that you'll see that -- David your life. -- -- Shut the door to block tonight I haven't been limited today and let Natalie -- -- that it is Viacom. In turn on the television. And we aren't -- that didn't turn up okay. You figure -- -- and -- gone back to my -- Like intelligence -- -- -- the other person that chicken. Gonna get up who's gonna wait no I -- eight. Slate that it's my -- here Gary -- -- -- history channels the Bible to huge hit everybody thought about it Scott through the roof. -- big controversy now the actor who plays the devil Satan himself yes let's put up a picture. Apparently he looks like president. -- -- It's not to let you people are saying that he's -- -- and -- just winding up -- -- thing. It's not intentional and it's ridiculous and they have tremendous respect for President Obama paraphrasing here yeah. People say no no no no no -- really quickly Maryland school has apparently Ben homemade food part invitation. And hacking know how to. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know -- expect.

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{"id":18761444,"title":"Anchor Reads Own Marriage Proposal on Live TV","duration":"2:54","description":"An anchorwoman in Alabama reads her script, which turns out to be a marriage proposal. ","url":"/WNN/video/anchor-reads-marriage-proposal-live-tv-18761444","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}