Andi Heads Home With Her Suitors

The final four vying for "The Bachelorette" show off their hometowns and families.
3:07 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for Andi Heads Home With Her Suitors
Time now for the skinny and topping -- Tuesday morning entertainment headlines those hometown dates for the bachelorette and he traveled home with -- final four guys to get a feel for which place in May and felt more like home. She met -- big family and -- -- -- Wisconsin all seventeen of them and even. Bought mom to tears all and the Arlington Iowa and he got behind -- -- -- -- is really big green tractor and he what do you think that's -- -- agree with her. Then maybe it. I like the pink -- And then there was the dugout to tip of the visit just his family in an afternoon of baseball -- just his childhood field and finally the Dallas what markets and -- -- life -- markets would be a fairy tale but in the end she gets in the -- whole. Now down -- Josh Chris and nick three diet look at -- -- -- Good luck next up the material girl causing a commotion in Manhattan courthouse. I don't think she's saying that Madonna didn't do our patriotic duty -- after -- quote serving my country reporting a jury selection hash -- it's hot here. As -- did get a bit of special treatment to being allowed to come in an hour later than most viewers are -- to -- they were shuttled through a special interest and no lines. And even had a private waiting area that court though decided that the material girl should be a jury duty -- -- -- -- distraction that helped. So she was released just an hour and a half badly hurt yes she told that she would have to serve again for another six. Years can you believe must be nice I eat would have loved to have seen her serve on the trial of some sort moon about it right in the form -- it would have been -- the format that would be great if the victim but does not. It's really take a blow guys. Mutton and oh boy well another singer making some headlines this morning Ed Taylor Swift yes he's. Reading -- op Ed piece in today's edition of the Wall Street Journal -- -- -- -- For the future of the music business asking that people see that music is art important and rare and it music should not be free. Swift also says that while some things never change like public fascination with the private -- singers. It's definitely a different world today she says she hasn't been asked for an autograph since the invention of the iPhone it seems kids these days only -- itself through that makes sense you know I never arrival I never thought -- -- you know do you ever just haven't I never had not crap but -- -- -- No I'd rather I don't Marsha or jet forcing -- one of them of the Brady went -- autograph but you know not that great but. In my hometown of Tampa there weren't a lot of like celebrities except for Hulk Hogan -- kogan oh he's very -- yelled -- but. And this video but kids today what in the world his -- -- Justin Bieber and Tom -- that to no parking data over the weekend at a wedding for beavers manager. The heat and debating this video you see red hair and thanks for bogging down. And then Tom Hanks was dressed like a wrap apparently that's -- how they view it.

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{"id":24462543,"title":"Andi Heads Home With Her Suitors","duration":"3:07","description":"The final four vying for \"The Bachelorette\" show off their hometowns and families.","url":"/WNN/video/andi-heads-home-suitors-24462543","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}