Angelina Jolie Receives Support for Double Mastectomy

Wanda Sykes and other celebrities come forward to lend support to the Oscar winner.
4:08 | 05/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Angelina Jolie Receives Support for Double Mastectomy
I'm just getting every -- Angelina Jolie is making waves with the fact that she had this preventative mastectomy came out yesterday. Well today she's getting a lot of support in the form of a lot of women have gotten this done a lot of celebrities also gotten this done everybody from Christina Applegate to Wanda Sykes Wanda Sykes was on. The Tonight Show -- -- issues on the Tonight Show when she. If you end only way that -- that -- could she talked a little bit about it. People got out what -- that it saying surgery but it is just that it agent leaner still -- -- -- Vietnam -- And back in -- news and -- I think she deftly made the right. Decision at -- -- applaud her for war sharing some of April what -- look at the depth is not help people. That's right so well the only difference with Wanda Sykes is that she actually went into trying get a breast reduction and that's how she found out that she has this -- one. -- -- The gene that is effective. And so therefore she got this also double mastectomy and everybody out there is just applying the women who are brave enough to do it still feel beautiful and you know I'm -- preventative thing to help. I think it's a wonderful thing and -- enjoyed Wanda Sykes is. -- her explanation of it made me laugh blast took my fiance is she pregnant that's the big -- but apparently she's canceled a date honor. Mrs. Carter world tour amid persistent rumors that she is pregnant with a second child she was scheduled to perform in Belgium on Tuesday that's going to be rescheduled Wednesday's concert also in doubt. And an email to the Associated Press the singer's publicist said the -- is awaiting word from doctors before making the decision. This does all the those rumors of your post claiming that multiple sources have told them fiance is pregnant -- It's a story about a minute or last week but apparently the rumored pregnancy. Was the talk of the night. So we're way it. So you think she's always been very. Private and public she was in very public in the way that she announced her last pregnancy was on -- stage and she told everybody she is pregnant this this time war has been. Before riddled with all kinds of problems and very expensive tour she didn't let any photographer that it signed up committed to take pigeon eleven happy with -- -- that they took during the civil law halftime shows sell. The fact that she's canceled the show is a big deal and of itself and now with a pregnancy rumors I think it's just even a bigger deal we'll have to wait and we didn't think I -- know bill later as. On SNL sat out I've got very funny -- areas there he is well apparently he is stepping down and had no more bill -- for us on Saturday Night Live he has announced that this coming Saturday which is also the season finale. Will be his last he has known for doing all kind of incredible impressions and wonderful characters here is one of them. Made -- -- if you're looking to get hurt and go completely insane. Practice to place the. Comes to spring break this place has everything chutes and -- Outdoor concert from a Zoloft commercial. That's not enough for you. You can hit the dance floor with a human Fanny pack and sent it fleeing. Women midget hangs around your waist. And -- your passport in his mouth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think he's ever allowed -- -- what the prompter is saying what surprised even people who are here and he is. Always cracking up through this game so everybody around him but it really what he's doing every I that we ever seen -- -- Shepard Smith blog. -- -- -- -- -- well don't James Carville and -- man whole areas. We're gonna miss him -- Smith -- -- apparently wants to be emancipated. To be emancipated taken -- his own home -- fourteen he's gonna be fifteen in July. I don't think this is one of those contentious things Will Smith joked about a to a British newspaper saying this is what kids want them. They want command of their lives Indian -- talented rich he can do if you.

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{"id":19181698,"title":"Angelina Jolie Receives Support for Double Mastectomy","duration":"4:08","description":"Wanda Sykes and other celebrities come forward to lend support to the Oscar winner.","url":"/WNN/video/angelina-jolie-receives-support-double-mastectomy-19181698","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}