Annual dog Surf-A-Thon goes virtual

Instead of an in-person competition, videos are being accepted from all over the world. ABC's Will Ganss reports.
2:43 | 08/19/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Annual dog Surf-A-Thon goes virtual
We know that so many annual events have either been canceled or drastically modified to accommodate social distancing during the pandemic. But this morning the dorms surfing competition that will still go on. Our own well dance has that story take it away well. Thank god it is still going on it's it tale as old as time surfers and they're weighed catching canines participating. And the annual Cerf Doug surf and thought every summer but this year it's still a little different. Yeah. This past fifteen years the competition at the third dogs are. Broke since. Easier to Helen Woodward animal center outside San Diego and making the competition of virtual life to keep that line the social system. By which means you're companies can hang ten for anywhere in the world. There's an easy as it did hit the building but it did under the water dobbs so why do it have a blast occurred and renovated it. Connects through on long. So instead of an in person in puppy competition this center is accepting videos from anyone all over the world weather forward or bark word. Standing up Burke high upside down you can submit a bit of your pooch catching a wave for a chance to win. And then we'll have actually people who are reals or hurt you that Jackson. If you think your dog is into it and they'll let you know real quick whether they are they're not. The centers offering free virtual surf lessons. It is incredibly safe because sir curt the Serbs were to be done it our not our ports at that foam boards they're all wearing their required to Wear the light bets. Each surfing Putin's order will be responsible for its 45 dollar entry fee. Every dog on set going to help shelter pets find homes. But this idea which by the way is maybe the greatest idea. Are they that develop the sport with their ex U is that they know they're human miles and they aren't independence it let's really beautiful thing. KC he's animals. It just experiencing and expressing their dreams that you read eight he can't help Cuba where as well. So for the fifteenth year in a row dole in a slightly different way. Serves up dog. If your canine doesn't totally want to hang ten don't worry to Helen Woodward animal center also has a category four. Couch surfing you better believe artsy and I will be submitting several photos for that category. Let me borrow my god I did on the regular iCloud service exactly the light that's vulnerable are at and you Don has to give you wanna bees. Don't just take you're not out there isn't not a free for all don't art in the water I think. Yeah I just I don't like seeing dogs having to do anything other than just a few. They can't paint and yes.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Instead of an in-person competition, videos are being accepted from all over the world. ABC's Will Ganss reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72464336","title":"Annual dog Surf-A-Thon goes virtual","url":"/WNN/video/annual-dog-surf-thon-virtual-72464336"}