Arsenio Hall Unharmed After Accident

Talk show host Arsenio Hall walks away from a car accident unscathed.
3:00 | 12/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arsenio Hall Unharmed After Accident
Admission Arsenio Hall late night talk show host -- has reasons to be happy on this Christmas as a reason. Louis you through all that -- does because apparently yet accident Monday night he drove his Porsche off Los Angeles Rhode. Police spokesman telling city news service that -- drove onto a dirt shoulder and West Hills around 715 on Monday night. And he was by the way according -- -- pass the field sobriety test just find. Cops ruled out drugs or alcohol or anything like that he's fine even tweeted I'm good. About Bob Franken he's he's okay this Christmas -- own good portion maybe not. Our exit -- on tell -- that she's beautiful she's very talented actress. And there she is if she's quite -- so now she's dead candidate she's on the coverage gives us interview to Lucky Magazine this is for the February issue where she starts -- about her lack of -- And she essentially says her entire life she's been obsessed with breasts she says I love that she admits I don't like -- things. But I wouldn't mind buying myself a parent before I die I. Yes I think should go under modulation does but she also does say women always -- they don't happen. And she thinks that men who say they only like you know they don't like sagging breasts are not real -- so I think there's a little bit of you know there's a little debate going on in a reminder now about whether or not she's actually gonna do this but she does say before she -- it might be something. Clark. Either way. Second Ronnie -- -- broken jaw while he takes a page out of Alec -- welcome touch decides to turn into a joke about how he got the broken jaw he doesn't say a word but some of the people do. Pretty risque listening. -- was at home with a good. Given her the worst sexual experience several absolute worst -- but his sport girls into sexual in which you fail to satisfy me her. Ingrid so angry he should pick the books -- heavy book and slammed -- Rainsy and beautiful face. My goodness gracious well at any rate the TMZ story that does that claims -- -- he slipped in a puddle of water. And that he'd -- brokers joining -- to space but they get you continue like a version better bet that a little or selling us. Higher rates of moving as it is now Christina Aguilera has to wait at that she is. Working on some things bash -- but it's where she treated him from the got all of her fans -- she is -- you have -- In a recording studios. -- rumors are or questions are is she or is -- not going to be. Releasing some kind of -- -- albums soon she's got a single album that's called say something at some valid. And it's burning up the charts at this point so. Question is if she does really something will it burn up the charts probably but we just don't know -- what we're getting that you burn up. Charts and I'm sure those that -- -- to get another one out there may -- that she went in there so let's do something else gas strike while -- hot. Waves that working on something special happy holidays to also I think the fans are going to be really excited -- the happy holiday gift is actually an album of some kind. I'm Christina this is a little too late for Christmas -- I don't blame us. Yeah I'm -- has a couple of hours it's Christmas had been.

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{"id":21332537,"title":"Arsenio Hall Unharmed After Accident","duration":"3:00","description":"Talk show host Arsenio Hall walks away from a car accident unscathed.","url":"/WNN/video/arsenio-hall-unharmed-accident-21332537","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}