Ashley Madison Compiles List of Cities for Cheating

The online dating website compiles list for cities where cheating is most common.
2:55 | 02/14/13

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Transcript for Ashley Madison Compiles List of Cities for Cheating
This morning on the makes a Valentine's. Day edition for you and we -- -- out of extramarital affairs happy Valentine's Day sell. -- website actually Madison who is apparently have married dating service for -- encounters have compiled a list of the places where there are the most extramarital affairs he's a top cities across the country coming in at number three -- Houston Texas coming in number two. -- Austin, Texas Texas and number one in Washington DC no shocker there are lots of political cheating scandals this year including Alan and General Petraeus. After 37 years that he hit kids you guys like any like form is Miami which went public agency that was expected to be number one but he -- -- -- That you don't maybe we don't really think it may -- Oklahoma city's I want there now let's make it fifty inches and about DC two without fear and so is concerned that a fairly conservative county were trying to be a little. Disagree because so much. Lawmakers have -- -- the busiest day for Ashley Madison cheating website is the day after Valentine's Day because of women disappointed by what -- men did. Did not do on this occasion -- the interesting -- Also for all of you. Maybe a bad break up. We've gone through what about to go through 100 new -- that's ironically launching today caught kill switch in what this does it takes out all the messy grunt work and removing. All of your exes photos the tags wall posts and stores them all neatly in the super secret album in your FaceBook profiles and also unlike all the status updates and takes all the suffering that person shelves into little folder and and one step you're done with your -- -- -- the White House. -- -- And check it out to check it -- particularly bitter. His -- brilliant using -- -- -- has just been really center revealed some of the really interesting places around the world including. Two T online Australia. The climax Georgia. Below -- Pennsylvania that's a hard place to live intercourse Pennsylvania. And Cox heat in New York. The -- driving. On the road man. That's not fair story also we love these folks awkward family photos yes and it was a Valentine's neighbors and -- his -- these things -- mind. Yeah my favorite story of an Atlanta man and woman -- -- gotta love that always classy. Then. This photo it then let's have a lot. Lot of good did that house of right yeah. -- Men. They -- one of those channels -- -- Manager X just -- and -- boom all gone from the photo. -- your favorite overnight coupled. People who -- look at present and on that picture death but battled back to realize that where that was taken. -- love is in the dumps.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"The online dating website compiles list for cities where cheating is most common.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18498437","title":"Ashley Madison Compiles List of Cities for Cheating","url":"/WNN/video/ashley-madison-compiles-list-cities-cheating-18498437"}