Aunt Barbara Shows The Best Buys for Back to School

Aunt Barbara, America's best Tupperware saleswoman, shows what's hot for back to school.
6:29 | 07/30/14

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Transcript for Aunt Barbara Shows The Best Buys for Back to School
It's still -- -- not already -- days are getting shorter and that means only one thing back to school. Just around corner and you're helping to fill your back to school shopping -- a whole new bumper crop of some -- -- products from our favorite Tupperware lady queen of Tupperware. On Barbara. Yeah do little good to be in a loaded and -- that I went out of the beauty and they came up -- I brought this tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To school -- what they took a little children so we have all the little children's lunch that's here which we love big Disney we have the -- And. And that many -- sets. We have the Spiderman and the Disney fairy princesses which are fantastic really little children very popular Disney is exploding everywhere and this is little snack us all -- look. You can understand Metallica aren't so darned well. Little snack perhaps for the kids got Tumblr of course great fantastic but we can't forget about the teenagers and young adults. And what we have here is aren't sassy Lund says super fancy look at doesn't that look like -- -- designing fancy into it and opens up and you can just -- India it's insulated you put everything inside -- containers can go in the right -- waiting in a sandwich containing a little water battle and you're ready to go out great that's her. And it's so I can't see Atlanta -- don't even let I think in this in the same same deal just typical of same deal but this is for the gentlemen is that it to her bones like women well I'm not here to judge. That's our urban -- sent to the young -- same -- comes with a container that goes into the microwave. A nice little water bottle and a little snack -- -- don't and the role in some -- that's great -- the days of those plastic metal La. No more -- -- about that -- -- that you know it's a great rate two to teach the children about sustainable containers and because so look that's parents Lisa I'm not me but. Yeah. Your children off to school with disposable containers they're throwing them away. This is something that -- with with Tupperware if you keep it for years to come and keeps -- the Simpson's -- -- well keep it -- wrote absolute zero. And then of course we have all of our traditional container such as -- -- which keepers -- -- and can't stick again stop throwing away disposable big east. Then we have our little -- I like those -- that was a great for the children who had evidence in the at some crackers mother can put a shot about -- and it's -- -- yeah. Experience. -- They're fabulous. Of course aren't traditional lunch think that -- perfect for any one young and old this -- here it's fantastic pictures. -- the hot food to go we put the hot food -- -- utensils are ready up piano you press. The button it goes into the microwave events it's -- tasted let me pop art -- salad to -- out. So high tech also yes -- -- cry from -- -- Tupperware of the eighties. Tupperware it doesn't mess around anymore it's all contain this is the salad to -- contain. You little dressing goes in he -- and -- I have -- what can unite here and who doesn't like that towards violence -- -- you can understand this section here would look at okay. But this is wonderful for the kids going away to college you know the kids away and you worried that they gonna eat healthy we have here this is the Michael with pasta maker. -- microwave breakfast -- can make omelets in just a minute okay and -- microwave rice makers say can be assured that the college kids are eating healthy. You don't quit and that's Tupperware -- promised he -- -- her -- It's a vintage Tupperware add back from 1967. It is still think I have some of those balls and I grab. We have some new products -- -- -- for the party. Tell us about absolutely it laughter at a well what I. Love that it a body of the top black hawks grew I think it's -- enthusiastic look at that you put this right down on top of the bottle line. It poking its group and the cook right well I think they -- -- that you. Yeah. That's great -- while the children at school we have a modest help me what I really love to for the mother. Is this he had this is our Tupperware rectangular cake -- I need report OK -- get Smart cop takes on the other this is the Cadillac of -- contain as cupcakes a sheet cake -- 46 jealous and you're ready to. -- and well that is incredible so when Barbara we've got a light -- got some questions we want to ask you Pluto on Barbara what. Which country sells the most -- go -- we haven't seen. Good German many bingo. Oh great Hollywood got more we got a -- What you was -- first Tupperware party. 1948. Well and. Today of course well before your -- -- whose idea was it to sell Tupperware parties that you hold that would be -- why. I brownie -- absolutely and I started removing money there's a movie coming out can't develop -- -- It's a cameo. Yeah. So how frequently are Tupperware parties helped. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which would you would you giver -- -- -- get tough job she probably want that school. It probably is that we went in those eight Middleton how she could use this case tanker like oh absolutely -- again -- -- and -- in the jealous aren't prince George will love that I'm sure we'll. So before we let you go I have to ask you any tips for that. Temp -- cabinet that's just in disarray you at all that yes you should call you local Tupperware women had to cut government schedule -- at home demonstration and have -- help you straighten out -- that when you -- -- Tupperware party qualified for free and airports and the -- some are NRA are different. America's number one seller temblor hit you so much -- viewers have so much fun coming up -- news from ABC.

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{"id":24768682,"title":"Aunt Barbara Shows The Best Buys for Back to School","duration":"6:29","description":"Aunt Barbara, America's best Tupperware saleswoman, shows what's hot for back to school.","url":"/WNN/video/aunt-barbara-shows-best-buys-back-school-24768682","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}