Aunt Barbara: Tupperware's Biggest Saleswoman

Aunt Barbara returns to World News Now to show off the best Tupperware for fresh food.
5:06 | 05/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aunt Barbara: Tupperware's Biggest Saleswoman
You know -- few guests in the history of world news now have had quite an impact that our next guest has. A Tupperware sales superstar. And an all around force of nature we welcome -- no one -- only. And we're so happy to have you back I'm Barbara thank you for joining us absolutely think they need to -- now -- Before reading it started you wanna talk about what we haven't seen you for so long I'm Barbara. Quite a back story. I'll just write that story well that that the floodwaters have hurricanes and heat and humidity and ruined everything I had. But it's all right let's and I was getting ready to it is -- it is now I have a new plays and they haven't. I'm on my -- -- and actually -- where was pretty helpful when he came Tupperware -- half of them more than one away boy anti details what's got together and they were so good to me and then all of my legal documents I had stored in some of the -- which incidentally. They'll stay nice and dry. Right wire -- Liquid diet ignited a letter -- -- when there you doubtful that's why you're here because I have a lot to talk about a you're gonna help me as a new mom working mom. Everything on this table is helpful to people like me right. So is the it. -- you know any Italy. How often enough votes shopping dining. 131 -- -- cocaine and -- find -- vegetables fresh and of course you want. Then you want to keep their fruits and vegetables fresher longer. Very important that you have very Smart containers have these containers can -- That's the most fracture two to three times longer and you're going to be buying fewer fruits and vegetables each week you can stretch them out didn't get a -- -- -- and his children. -- Now this is one of my favorite a kind of short what might start -- -- you don't even understand she's got more than. So what you read a lot of healthy meals. -- cash let's say yes and you have to prepare them quickly -- -- -- time you're running out the door pregnant. This is the microwave. Smart -- Now this here these -- -- want no way to might go away. This is made from encapsulated. -- The microwaves ground. Off. This material time there were attracted to the water that's underneath him out steaming -- -- healthy. And -- who keeps its nutrients color and texture. Better than anything that when you're going to be cooking -- you needed -- -- He then used the topical we have micro -- And learning with my baby at the -- everything you have to -- back. Should we also have these PO which are very handy -- major -- -- microwave to -- -- you got it all here you need all of this to him taking on the we have cardiac dynamic -- yeah that it. Everybody -- to my house. Now how well did -- now six and a half months the big Linehan -- He's perfect -- that Tupperware until. Did they did six months and no attack this method that does everyone remember -- yet did you thought it would have not been granted. -- you take these little shakes over here and you stick that in the middle halts right back on -- national. -- -- Yeah. What that that what -- you -- you were let out. This I have never let them they're. All this weekend and occupied and active people Barkin and keep you -- Upbeat I was these are great if that was happening in the refrigerator rights -- -- -- -- apple off the -- -- and then then you've done. OK let -- that -- always. There right after -- like -- it was then that he ice pass to remove them while you're doing a little mother's helper indefinite occupied with that. You're gonna wanna poll that if cordless screw the and open up a bottle of why. He would have to toppled. Books remove its fantastic. People they thought this comes down to put -- on -- -- what you do -- -- -- -- And whenever I say the court right up there have been any crime. Right -- And you're gonna wanna drink it warrants in -- insulated 24 it's time to. And again but I it's nobody's given you know what the -- -- there. He's got a little -- soccer games away the other mothers could take delight. -- did Israel. And it Tupperware Darden -- -- -- 24 Alex Tamba and if you think you've had too much to drink try to put the shape that there if he can do what you pretty much declined to. -- -- -- -- We're not endorsing that every now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shrinking so much on Barbara for coming out showing up all of the stuff my life -- already -- just by standing next to the Tupperware but now I see how my life could possibly be easier being a working mom insult thanks to you want -- Yeah.

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{"id":19098745,"title":"Aunt Barbara: Tupperware's Biggest Saleswoman","duration":"5:06","description":"Aunt Barbara returns to World News Now to show off the best Tupperware for fresh food.","url":"/WNN/video/aunt-barbara-tupperwares-biggest-saleswoman-19098745","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}