'The Bachelor' episode recap

As the end approaches, Matt meets the remaining ladies' families. ABC’s Jack Sheahan breaks it down.
3:16 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' episode recap
I contain my excitement grew I think that's awesome back. Matt got understand this and made excuse me Matt got his chance to make a first impression on the family's other remaining women. But here now the details are chasing your bachelor analyst Jack she can and I'm excited to be tossing to you Jack I'm a sudden you give me a moment trying to wake up back okay. Everybody can have their model we got quiet time this morning last last night's episode it was supposed to be the usual hometown dates being. That wasn't happening because of the situation. So they brought the families in everything was going well. All that it wasn't. Roll out batchelor footage. That's got some things to worry his hometown. Time for Finley visits the first one was Michelle yeah. Color coordinated Michelle's a G Jordan children asking questions over resumed. Why Brent. How many girlfriends you've had. Matt did good and lots of thumbs up from. That night with the family and smooth sailing. And knicks to do with Rachel's. Sky diving. Look out here constant round. That is going to leave a mark that night Rachel's dad skeptical at best you're seeing other. Are people mad comes up a little short in the end. It's important to me to ask sure you're God's blessing but I just didn't feel right asking for it. There's some disappointment there. Mixed day off roading which created chief. From questions would bring his mom Dee used seemed very genuine life absolutely contest. Last but not at least Serena pretty it's all about Canada the lingo. Is that. The food. Here we go Serena Petit and her sister to me it seems like there's just something Nestle. And I yeah. Serena. Funk song my own personal Serena and dream gets erode its. Count chance. Just count stops. Saying. Doug despite Serena p.'s exit she got a couple of kisses along the way everybody got a kiss last night. Likely that's the last kiss count of the season we'll put that to bed it is what it is. Next week is the annual. Cat fighting episode also known as the women tell all. That should be painful hopefully. Destined for that everybody gets their. Fifteen minutes of fame you get the idea they are following that. We are down the stretch okay so and we'll see what happens to hear what are guaranteed. On that note analysts out. A well Jackie put on an emotional call us or nearly anybody mess and that's jacket out the.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"As the end approaches, Matt meets the remaining ladies' families. ABC’s Jack Sheahan breaks it down.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76060036","title":"'The Bachelor' episode recap","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-episode-recap-76060036"}