'The Bachelor' Season 20 Week 6 Recap

Ben Higgins is faced with difficult choices as he decides which love interest is the right person for him.
4:39 | 02/09/16

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' Season 20 Week 6 Recap
Quarterbacks getting time on a Tuesday morning that means a critical review of last night's salute for dramatic episode of ABC's the bachelor. And hear the details as usual Skinner bachelor analysts. Jack CNN some good more palatable came this morning yeah due to reflect the fact that. The bachelor got serious last night we want to dual entrance they now forget about that I'm sitting here at the desk let's do this take it serious horses seriously no doubt. For some housekeeping note Lou it episodes on with a rose ceremony Jennifer she's gone. Ben Ben and the nine survivors went to the August 5 at at at Kayla went on a one on one date with then they got the rose. Group day. Then the women. And a butcher pigs. But to pay a bunch of pigs that Woolsey in the water are real or it yes or interactivity just called it a really cool group date. So what's been. There were hanging out with them they're feeding them the pigs were rather aggressive. Joseph Joseph I would say they have the line of the night she said quote it was like a bar in Dallas there where pigs everywhere. On Mandela who was on the group date she gets the rose that was Leo who you saw over there looking concerned Leah then goes over to bends. Well room to visit. She's trying to throw or girl lord be under the bus on Washington she's selling ban them more Beers in the same person. Excuse me as she is in front of Dan. You know issues in front of the girl she is a different person you know you get the idea of what we're trying to say right bands like breads that haven't. There's like should be catty she's not being genuine. Bands like grow you've got to go out Leah is shown the door. Less chance desperate attempts a last chance saloon as they call it in British soccer Ceglia you're seeing is gone. The 211 date this was the real show down of the evening. Olivia who everybody still hates and Emily so somebody's going home. They had pretty poor weather that's another you know I mean there was wind deal you get the whole deal not the best weather for talking on a private island. When it was all said and done. Olivia was basically left behind. And not so basically the world has mercifully been saved. From Bolivia. She was about as upset Olivia was about as upset afterwards as. Cam Newton was after the Super Bowl I had had a sound balance that was upset single and a passing offense anchorwoman right seeing zeroes the anchorwoman who knows about anyway. Thankfully Olivia is gone. The rose ceremony there was no cocktail party offensive forget about that his city was emotionally physically exhausted. He was saying he felt isolated and I felt alone. Comes down to it it's the end of the road for Lawrence H. So we're down to only one Lauren good how we've sinned after crowds awards only one left. Kids count kiss camera. Also reflecting the seriousness of the episode last night. At four. By the that's less than half. I know get at it again next week there's six women left Kayla Amanda. Emily bet good Jo-Jo. And or girl Warren Beatty. Right analyst out right amount around checking and they are so months you didn't get to hang out. Thanks Jack okay so. We're gonna turn now to some other skinny headlines at Chris Jenner mother to the Kardashians and the world's best known. Mom manager she's taken a lot of heat over the years for house is profoundly in the public diet in the new issue of Harper's bazaar magazine. Cuban about a payment everything that comes with it including his photo shoot it was taken by tabloid photographer Terry Richardson. Poking fun at her car dashing a lifestyle by posing. As a ringleader of a search. Yes but during the interview there was apparently a much more serious moment when Jenner was asked about her biggest criticism that she sold out her family for fame. But it happens greenery she responded taking offer glasses and staring at this. And it for you are and saying no. And meeting created showed that my family was all on board with and were so excited because we got to work together. Mama has spoken. And help our clients come next.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Ben Higgins is faced with difficult choices as he decides which love interest is the right person for him. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"36801871","title":"'The Bachelor' Season 20 Week 6 Recap","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-season-20-week-recap-36801871"}