'The Bachelor' Goes to Vietnam

In the latest episode of "The Bachelor," Juan Pablo and the 11 remaining women head to Vietnam.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' Goes to Vietnam
Welcome back time the -- there's any and that means our weekly update on ABC's the bachelor joining -- again with his insightful commentary and news. Your bachelor handle it might yeah -- so you want a block there whose just I'm late because I was getting over the Super Bowl. You get over it thank god it was a close game at least delay kicked off -- yep exactly shortly there have to tell you what bachelor last night Vietnam. Eleven women in the running first date -- girl -- She's doing got messier hanging in there -- that's our girl -- they're they are. They had. Great time there were walking around. Everything what everything went great later on in the show -- had been waiting for the first kiss with. -- hero Juan Pablo it happen later on in the show. Suffice it to say it more girls still in the running. She gets the roads that second game. -- and Juan Pablo do a bit of repelling. Down into a cave. -- -- nervous about this deal was not her Forte but somehow she got it done. They had a real nice conversation when they survive they got to the bottom Mickey gets the rose. Did things got a little. A little weird. With Claire Claire doesn't have many friends in the house -- escapes the apartment goes knocks on GPs. Apartment door they wind up going for a little swim. And then there's a lot of questions a lot of the emotions about the whole thing there's weirdness. That being said she had already had the rose from the group -- so they're all good. Claire is still -- it no matter what we'll see what happens have plenty of planet. -- -- that's gonna happen is -- our goals of rebelling shirtless -- time Allison Rowland. As role it did -- that do. The shirtless count stop act. -- -- -- But more a little bit more there -- absolutely I could climbing up there were probably gonna need to do kids count. Before long Juan Pablo just five women last -- -- -- now we're doing the numbers there or eight left. Three women were sent home video Kelly and -- -- -- New Zealand is next analyst out all right Jack wrong I think it matters and clots which is in one night. Pretty good type movement on the big news about the biggest boy band on the planet -- is favored group if they live now get this half a billion dollar year. Apparently -- now a fan of wonder action. And intimate -- trend is here is expected to taking a billion dollar is in ticket sales more than past. Tour record set by U2 and The Rolling -- that is pretty incredible -- -- well I'll still be the first. To perform three sold out shows at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena -- -- -- -- they -- from my daughter's favorite -- and -- -- pretty good. Right next up with a positive that rocker lord was definitely -- -- the spotlight the royals singer took home two grammys last month that first seventeen year old. And now we're getting our first to look at a flash -- -- video of the young star showing off the talent. At just twelve years old. I that was. Woman threw her Belmont intermediate school -- -- extreme competing in an intramural battle of the bands back to. 2009. And -- is gearing up -- US tour kicking up next month off sixteen shows already sold out. To close out this picture at Giants Stadium as what you look like -- halt to -- we have -- -- Put up. Come on up -- mind okay.

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{"id":22355582,"title":"'The Bachelor' Goes to Vietnam","duration":"3:00","description":"In the latest episode of \"The Bachelor,\" Juan Pablo and the 11 remaining women head to Vietnam.","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-vietnam-22355582","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}