'The Bachelor' week 7 recap

As Nick Viall prepares for next week's hometown dates, he struggles to decide which relationships are worth keeping.
4:02 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' week 7 recap
Voters this getting done and blended to get to from ABC's bachelor franchise so let's get straight you are cheap global senior tax analyst Jack Shea and Jack. What's that hate not our Valentine's much happy Valentine's they got the rose dearest dwindles on May be used a bachelor. Six women started last week was certain that getting emotional with them than they tried to build some drama about whether or not he was gonna continue in this whole process. Well unfortunately. She did. So off to bid committee rule had beautiful bachelor footage. This is a one on one date with of Vanessa and nick. There was snorkeling. Nuts. They were talking about emotions. Later on things were really looking good Vanessa gives it the old. I'm falling in love with you nick. To which she was answered. I really really like you on. Or not YE. Exactly what she was looking for but no harm no foul there was no rose on the day anyway. Moving on next. Group date Knick career number raven and Christina. Excuse me they were swimming which sharks this was relatively uneventful other than some jealousy when is there are not jealousy. I'm raven on this gets the rose and by extension they hometown date back. Time in the near future. Pox C Arkansas. Mirror B Hussein. Acts. One on one date NIC and our girl did he Alabama asked there was bike riding. They were shopping. Did did get the say there was basketball you do get the sense that. Something wasn't right here Danielle and said. That she was falling in love would need. 150. But Julian percent. Two shock fair to say that nick was slightly less than that. About Danielle M. Our girl Danielle M Syria. On ousted in the quarterfinals. Much like England and it managers soccer tournament rap and heartbroken I was Deloitte and allies I survived the rest of the episode. There's no five women left. Next. Mix not done he goes to the women's sweep. Asked Christina to step outside. Christiane I can't exciting that she's gone out the door no. All OK that's it. So much for Christina she she accused Vick of not giving her a fair chance. It is what it is. Kids count kids count this count discount kids count stops this week act. Seven book not that none I had that I had Vick now. No I am you know I didn't one at one daughter that's pretty much did went on that note analyst. Oh well it was a stream we have more in there that's our news. Well. So we'll just fourteen days now into Black History Month and now a huge monumental moment in the history of black Americans in this country that will someday be remembered in the new African American Museum in Washington DC. Actually not the next bachelorette will be blacked out yet. They should Wednesday I've seen actually it current contestant on the bachelor so this little bit of a spoiler alert is we can. Six concluded that she is not gonna end up with battle next. But some will be the first black bachelorette in the show's 33 combined season. This isn't the start casting call but it's actually not all but annexed. Yeah racial has been very popular this season even receiving the first impression rose looks like she made a great first impression on the ABC executives still seeing a lot of hurt some one of those rare earth that's released theme throughout this whole process where I think strides everybody a little bit crazy stuff. Don't.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"As Nick Viall prepares for next week's hometown dates, he struggles to decide which relationships are worth keeping. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"45478247","title":"'The Bachelor' week 7 recap ","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-week-recap-45478247"}