‘The Bachelor’ week 8 recap

Peter has a mixed bag of experiences as he visits the final four’s hometowns. ABC News’ Jack Sheahan has all the dramatic details.
5:44 | 02/18/20

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Transcript for ‘The Bachelor’ week 8 recap
Who do these things are as with the always a little. Capital I'm an old capital letters pivotal hometown visit. On the bachelor you've got an idea either hit the road and they bidding waigel is. Blanton aren't cheap cedar bachelor Andrew Jackson and MSM actually got a bit. It Jack. Right back here in the house I was approved for all of us kids guys sometimes these these hotel visits are down right Dicey proposition. Most of them went well one of them. Not so much then it inevitable heartbreak. Or all let beautiful bachelor but it should. Only downs baby let's go. Bold challenge starts off knock. Still Tennessee with ten and it's raining he laid to rest my dad and they're having good character often been attacked me ask. And and he's dead in the lumber industry. That means we gotta throw some axes. Peter writes a nice note let me start meter rate you're letting things a lot about you. Agassi an amazing future with the clumsy to you together. Is that night with the family and actually. Hope NTELOS name. There's and on what their dad with a warning do not say that word to her and issue an issue whole heartedly. That's what you mean that's Richard so much below warning. This is his name from the county. I'm I'm I'm happy. Yeah. I mean when it comes down my daddy he. Yeah. I mean who. We're off to deploy in Iowa. Chelsea told. Stop some grapes. How many grapes are in there don't worry it's Iowa no one's counting. That whole what the family planning a blond hair a talked with moms don't frequent cross art. You understand that I wouldn't. All ends well. And on the floor here incident when someone smiles and doesn't say it back that's not good thing he's. Next up. Auburn Alabama or our girl Madison paid no role tonight here this is war eagle. No. And. Let's check out the all Byrne arena. They hear them out. Okay. Through it firmly. Madison's the daughter of a basketball coach can you tell. The ceiling with a kiss right Daryn has court. That night with the family comment. Thankfully talk to him yet about like how I view into the seat how I feel that I have. Saved for marriage. Peter gets a grilling from Madison's father amassing a really tough question do you know if this was last week obviously is not the last week and there's. There's other experiences that'll happen and next couple weeks. And finally Virginia Beach Victoria F so we'll. Passing. We'll crowd certain things go well and then at the mysterious. You're big. A warning for Peter speaker. It's their way here wanted to break you nurture and I mean even if you thing realize how serious citizen. Yeah. That night and cause a lot of relationships and I don't know what she's returned since this does not go well I do you think Donna that's not a incentives are like get in the Peter vs Victoria asked me melt down to. Like he can't the next morning Peters hotel another vascular conversation. Speculate you. You didn't want me to bloody the way I want our schools and I'm trying really hard and I never drained lake says. Back out to LA for the rose ceremony hand and gets a rose bar girl Madison gets a rose bill good. For whatever reason. Big story yet and gets a Rhodes Kelsey says her goodbyes then she gets them five words. Warm up the limo Kelsey has gone. We're going the Gold Coast Australia. That's that or is it. Came here. Can I taught here has been. So there you go play a drama coming up when we get to the Gold Coast of Australia next week where the the fourth of Spanish and weeks away overall god only knows how that all I don't know we'll see what's going so three left we'll see what's up. On that note. Go Liverpool analysts doubt. They had a lot of Al everywhere it does after that epic line it's Iowa not right out. Oh shady Jack so Victorian and they've still in the game they'll limit our ability.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"Peter has a mixed bag of experiences as he visits the final four’s hometowns. ABC News’ Jack Sheahan has all the dramatic details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"69042948","title":"‘The Bachelor’ week 8 recap","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-week-recap-69042948"}