It's Back to School Time: Get a Cool Gadget

"Giz Wiz" Dick DeBartolo shows off the hot new gadgets for kids to take back to school.
4:06 | 08/14/13

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Transcript for It's Back to School Time: Get a Cool Gadget
Are officially to the dog days of summer but here's something the kids don't wanna hear just yet schools just around the corner luckily however there are some cool new gadgets. To pack and all those backpacks to help take this thing. Out of heading back to school joining us this morning -- -- with Dick DeBartolo duke Dick welcome back to -- -- thank you always got cool things so let's get right to cool things for the youngest that we had -- service are too -- to lunch sack with built in. Light. And sound -- that. You know you can get beat up anymore ha -- -- -- -- -- he did -- sound -- and Albion -- him. They'll leave you learn to get props and to be really cool news ultimate how -- critical hobbies that gentleman about seventy book Kuo also from therapists believe. Stainless king. Insulated food jar so this is -- so -- select -- -- -- absolutely actively sixteen ounces but. -- never forget this boom because built into the net -- Is a folding stainless steel full signs since it's quite cool actually really -- -- -- -- enormous tax. We got here this is I need to act packaging going back to school with a ton of electronics called cocoon is just about every -- which -- every -- -- what the back a laptop and go in Europe the fifteen -- a place for two different anti pedal without action to tablet you carry but this is. Really need at the front yeah that's going to panel called grid it. And grit at all these elastic straps and you put each thing -- caring. Behind and distract you want to -- when he opened the bag you know exactly what -- games and averages game boy I don't everything not exactly right the bottom. -- -- -- Now it is the dawn everybody's going to be fighting over outlets so this plugs into an outlet right now we have three more outlets on the side. You have three outlets on that side you have a thirty pin. -- connect up on the top -- but you have four USB charging ports that's really who would come off for the high bid which -- mobile teams than the -- -- -- the iPhone. And is also a built in -- delight. With a high low and it's about twenty books on Amazon -- Phnom that is -- that justice that is. Just like yes yes this is called the Smart Lam from some -- -- -- desk lamp. I'm gonna turn this -- and surely you so it has many different moods. So this -- reading mood in the study mood and relaxation mode if it's time at the shuttle -- and within each -- who UK and Canada study -- -- -- guy across the -- sleep any act he's a little less of not a silly and even in the fact is that -- a single USB charge and is an auto shut off. For -- so that sex okay. Up -- at Kensington. -- it presentable laptops have what's called the Kensington slot. Where you can stick a little lock in Kensington is is the king of the laptop -- and this is there weren't lock. So it's easy to make up a four letter word and I managed to remember -- you don't forget an important about a combination exactly what we -- -- -- -- and the cables. Folds down to three inches extends to six feet wrap -- around something solid and in -- Lockett do you feel that this thing is awesome he showed it to me before we even did this I love this thing. This is called Smart -- is a Bluetooth speaker as you heard it sounds pretty decent especially at a council -- at a powerful -- But has a suction cup on the back. So you can stick on the back could be -- has the great sound -- -- -- party right there yes exactly it sound as good folks I heard her parents also take it off and run into the dorm shower stick -- on the war yet. And and you use our final guy if the little charging cable. From native fruit it's called electromagnetic. Electro look -- essence energy fund charges you can see the -- going and it. When the phone is fully -- his -- got -- ice -- looks got a little. Always good stuff all right you can also catch Dick -- Twitter dot TV -- -- Dick DeBartolo thinking so much for coming and we sure appreciate.

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{"id":19954449,"title":"It's Back to School Time: Get a Cool Gadget","duration":"4:06","description":"\"Giz Wiz\" Dick DeBartolo shows off the hot new gadgets for kids to take back to school.","url":"/WNN/video/back-school-time-cool-gadget-19954449","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}