Bahamas death toll rises

At least 20 people are confirmed dead in the wake of Hurricane Dorian as crews scramble to rescue those still stranded. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.
2:11 | 09/05/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bahamas death toll rises
Well Dorgan has claimed at least twenty lawns in the Bahamas and many more feared dead amid the scramble to rescue those still stranded ABC's Markus Carr. Have a look at a busy hospital in Nassau where an urgent effort is under way to treat injured survivors many of them were plucked from hard hit areas in the article islands. Inundated by that status. Eating Star Search and rescuers are also turning to many frightened and dehydrated pets displaced by the storm. This morning rush to rescue the stranded and get aid to more than 70000 people across the Bahamas. Members of the US Coast Guard seriously injured one by one to a waiting helicopter. AccuWeather observed this woman into a cook speak or look to for treatment that you had pinned under a roof for seventeen hours in the great. And it's not just the military and neighbors hope this elderly woman. Abaco and Grand Bahama islands known for their golf courses and resorts are now a muddy landscape of splinter in flooded out homes. Were both blocked routes and planes have been tossed around. Most people have lost everything. Relief efforts are increasing from the Red Cross the UN and US. Which dispatched search and rescue teams of Marine Corps osprey aircraft the government here has sent police. Doctors and nurses to Hart hit islands. You. Don't know that women these abandoned rest gringo is there endangered. Fear they don't feeding though was well. I'm variety show and it goes. It's. Renowned chef Jose Andres and his nonprofit rural central kitchen is flying missions from Florida delivering hot food across the Bahamas. His whole 101000 New York's. One bright spot in all the hardy here emotional thing the union in the midst of a nationwide prices. The prime minister thinking the international community including the US. And I don't want to talk. The first responders from the international community. And is best meet your Australian natives things for them exceptional. Assistance. Ma we know how important tourism is to the Bahamas in the prime minister U saw their curse people to consider visiting the islands. There were not affected by D'auria specimen to keep in mind.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"At least 20 people are confirmed dead in the wake of Hurricane Dorian as crews scramble to rescue those still stranded. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"65403827","title":"Bahamas death toll rises","url":"/WNN/video/bahamas-death-toll-rises-65403827"}