Barack and Michelle Obama's Love Story is Coming to the Big Screen

The newly released trailer for "Southside With You," shows the Obama's on their first date.
4:51 | 04/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Barack and Michelle Obama's Love Story is Coming to the Big Screen
It if any time on this Friday and we start with the first look at an upcoming movie about a young Barack and Michelle Obama. The film it's called outside with you and the trailer is now. It's set in Chicago on a hot summer day in the summer 1989. We see the future First Lady. Print and get together with this summer associate from Harvard law she insists it's not thinks there is. Shouldn't we be getting into the meeting we have time Doug was fined by the architect sees it pains me to them by team. Not eat half the panel look if I start date in the first few black guy who walks through the firm's stores it would be tax. You think empty I didn't say that he's. Opening seemed to go pretty well from there and of course we all know how it all worked out south side we'll let you prepared. At this your Sundance Film Festival it is going to be in theaters on August 19 when out of them. I'm not quite sure that's I don't know what they might have had a couple kids are so at balance the next that Serena Williams and kind of a photo shopping controversy. Yes so the tennis superstar is including people magazine's most beautiful people issue. Particular on the left is a photo from the magazine in which Williams waste appears digitally. Slimmed down and on the right it's her back true. Now here's the thing. The first picture that went up. Was the slimmed down version on instinct Graham Serena and then later replaced it with a verse and showing her real waste and I think the fans complain about the original. They were much more clear with the real thing yet. It looks kind of disproportional doesn't just look but a slimmed down waste I think sir mix a lot would've like the one on the right. It having faith that we could get on equipment. Two different pictures it really does she doesn't want to be cheated out of Iraq herbs are you know kids just the way Iraq Serena with all those curves and me without no breaks history would say. Fifth two quotes for me tell it. Well it's like Tolstoy. And how to some big of a programming note Sunday nights this summer will feature a three hour game show block. The right here how to ABC if it was this. It's going to be called ABC's Sunday. Funny games and we are happy about that Alec Baldwin will be hosting a revival of the star studded 1970s. Film navigate Baldwin has signed on for tenants. OK so this game was the music you're listening is from that statement it was incredibly popular next payday. Without fits like that why not games that contestants. Who. Consists of contestants trying to guess how a panel of celebrities will answer. Fill in the blank questions like they're alleging that people you're not. But if you want to be. Her baby is that Carol Burnett by the way that clip there and about it at but understands that okay part by the way they were little. She leaned back in 1962. Oh. It means human. Proving that we will blame our overnight hours for the fact that everyone here on the show missed take your daughters sons were important but one did not miss it was to me. Yes OK so they ABC late night host tweeting out. It's adorable this afternoon. That scandals a young daughter Jane at his festival in the guest seat of course saying I've been replace. I live returns to flew into life she was so big. I consider Jane for a permanent role that's very comfortable in that chair you can avert your rabbit. Flynt as a rep frank and affect how yeah take your to your daughter or pet snack your pet to work road at work. Did you call for a route answering not a rodent. Just like that term cook picked up a six six defensemen didn't benefit this sensitive but her record do. And finally at questioned. What we doing five years ago today chances are at some point. We're watching the royal wedding yes it was five years ago that duchess Kate got some help from her sister that. Who was wearing that dress you know that dress. They were married in London's Westminster Abbey before star studded crowd at a world like TV audience today William and Kate are the parents of prince George and princess Charlotte. Sources say they're celebrating her anniversary with a low key private celebration. And just back from a long trip to India and it cannot be tried to keep Beers they were nuptial secrets. At that work out and out quite lautner propellant really low key anniversary is there were definitely. Few 100000 people just kind of watching and a that this burgers barbecue.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"The newly released trailer for \"Southside With You,\" shows the Obama's on their first date.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38754829","title":"Barack and Michelle Obama's Love Story is Coming to the Big Screen","url":"/WNN/video/barack-michelle-obamas-love-story-coming-big-screen-38754829"}