A Bear Gets Crowd Attention

A bear wanders into a Tennessee city and draws the attention of curious onlookers.
2:54 | 09/12/13

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Transcript for A Bear Gets Crowd Attention
I sat in the mix and this this is amazing isn't fair and tendencies walk around -- -- -- Tennessee yes. What's as amazing as the bear wandering around the town all the people who see the bear and I look I mean it's. It's like a tourist attraction poll how -- -- and gosh if you watch. What's this woman she got she made almost right -- -- to pick it. Small credits -- bear -- experts say cornerback Eric doesn't want to do and it's frightening clearly as he went the other way too many people around. Yeah this suspend it is a little sound on the ticket can hear from one woman -- smartest woman in the whole bunch sister can't get the car he. Everybody looked like it like to party asks what it isn't -- over Tennessee in the -- clearly. -- now he got there probably very happy to be there but I'm just amazed at how look at that had to sensitize people -- You know I'd laugh and smile but I got -- the way yes -- would be walking in history. Rexall that forebears probably more scared than anybody else and that's -- he was running as fast he was but that's not a Smart thing to do there's just so many not Smart people in the video it's not as one not Smart person. Everyone in the video is not Smart -- thinking. The bear eventually found its way back to one's -- he worked it all -- lucky for that he's bouncing back for the -- it is -- right faceoff of the prophet sent from Thailand and -- little video coming out of Australia this is on YouTube it's gotten all other news this happened back in August. We'll -- the -- sports academy. We're going to be up to tell your little bit I'm talking actually hear the music is very dancing and getting -- -- There here. You know I think out of there. Apparently good points to finish it never -- And dancing but -- attempted -- -- lets you watch those -- back but I -- like that never got. Critics doubt that -- out of -- and so if that's not card check this out it's it's for me like pizza or cheeseburgers -- -- I had have both. Check this -- this is -- -- called. The pizza -- would not -- to. At Kelly's -- as a cheeseburger with sauce but this thing to Boston. It's bacon cheeseburger wrapped in pepperoni pizza and then -- like decals -- It's begun showing up -- now Boston restaurants -- as far as forty US locations. -- -- you know it's it's not too bad he had only had thirteen 160 calories. As 2000 milligrams of sodium where he. At forty locations and it's a Boston restaurant and sports bar and the -- the vice president has not intending to helpful. We take -- to go yeah. Street New York City.

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{"id":20231961,"title":"A Bear Gets Crowd Attention","duration":"2:54","description":"A bear wanders into a Tennessee city and draws the attention of curious onlookers.","url":"/WNN/video/bear-crowd-attention-20231961","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}