Beekeeping in New York City

It's National Honey Month and Liane Newton of explains how YOU can start your very own hive, right in your backyard!
3:05 | 09/09/16

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Transcript for Beekeeping in New York City
There are plenty of birds and Clarence of these trees here in New York City Beverly or not there's a growing movement to keep the bees here. On the rooftops. Though it honor of national honey nut I set out to discover some of these intrepid urban beekeepers and found out. Now let's harness to think to raise bees right here in New York City. The fistful of sands honking and yelling and even conflict. Part of this congested city lies the surprisingly light nature every day and he keeping there's toy chain there's. The N Newton is an urban beekeeper keeping these unsteady roofs of all places says 2010 I thought to myself welcome Helen to let people. Who are anxious to. And sure enough there with a laugh and is prevent accidents tag team down there and that's fine now. New York City be keeping mission is to keep the tradition of the group rescues fees teaches classes and harvests honey from ten hives flourishing on this room. We join them as they were harvesting this summer's worth of city honey this is ahead of me having come. Combs are slowly removed from each hive cleaned of v.s in wax and placed into a honey extract. Once its fall has the basket of spins inside the honey has clung to bare sides. Then drains into. Trainer and a box. Amazingly you can keep bees almost anywhere. We have people who are keeping on grounds Dunn's people are keeping in church yards people are keeping out in the open in parts people elected him. That he thinks no right off the bat if you're thinking of keeping bees do your research find a fellow beekeeper in your area and talk to your town regulators like the board of health. Sometimes they. Rules that you must follow after the waters flowers and these have to have decent Tories get this thing is should be physically fit. Should learn at a lift properly a lot of this is handling the year as far as equipment goes it's a fairly reasonable shopping list. They'll need a beehive. A vehicle to get into the Hyde and a jacket to protect yourself and if you want that's sweet reward deleted I'm capping tool and an extractor to get at the honey. And you. You feel that high now. And luckily she says these bees don't mind sharing there amazingly adapted. Or maybe they're just too busy enjoying the view. Busy get. Like the yes now I do but I love god I can't arable. When they hear the they think aren't that he's gonna sting you. And apparently they were vet visit fairy dust though it is this dramatic raid into the honey yes this was honey from right and here. How does anybody. Know me know you go dad most of my oh my goodness as angeles'. Whole oh. That is very male and quality to there is a suit heard laurel quality. Grew up he could present some people didn't think that I don't that you I get it done. I'm no longer you let that prior Lama.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"It's National Honey Month and Liane Newton of explains how YOU can start your very own hive, right in your backyard!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41969800","title":"Beekeeping in New York City","url":"/WNN/video/beekeeping-york-city-41969800"}