Best gadgets of 2018

The "Giz Wiz," Dick DeBartolo, swings by with some of the most-liked gear featured on the show this past year.
4:02 | 12/27/18

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Transcript for Best gadgets of 2018
Welcome back. 2018 as an along an exciting road paved with some of dean most innovative high tech gadgets we've ever seen. And this morning aren't is where is Dick DeBartolo joins us to wrap up the year the selection of his five favorite gadgets up 2018. Dick good morning show me what yeah. Good morning yes and this is I also can tell wide view is reactions yet telling me go I'll what did you find out what he had so -- Smith. This actually goes back to last December but it was so amazing. Clam packages aren't so hard. Yeah now the thing is you'll you'll need chooses one last time because ironically it Collins. How did our land shell package but once you haven't hit yet. You can. Go through. Kelly the so he's going to cut enough he feels he. I well OK so cut all the way through didn't cut anything up till quarter inch outright okay like let there are all caught board. And there are replaceable blades if you need them. OK OEC zip it snipped at snow these are. Amazing. He's on a little button lamps and they have adhesive on the back and they are a very bright Kelly dean. And if for tiny places like incited drawn. I have one at the top of my tool box you. When they opened a toolbox you can look in. Inside a per shift so it ended great thing about him is. Six of them are nine dollars Democrat. So the batteries are irreplaceable but there actually that cheaper than replacing the bad yeah that's all and lamb. This is. People loved. The smash. Mute button in because it's 200 times bigger than a little mute button only a remote so in a commercial comes on of the fallen rings and you want to silence the TV we do is. Hit it you know he's off. It it TVs back on. Yes OK you have to program it once there's a little button that says learned yes you hold your remote up to it twisted the mute button once. And then put it on run and now we know he's your TV's. Volley wow it's great. Okay edit your very festive yet seen. It is complete without the expletives so yeah exactly exactly exactly uses all the time accident. I do pockets about gadgets. My co host Chad Johnson found these these are called shoe slots OK and what this is you take a pair of shoes. One goes in this way yes one goes in. On this. Also now you've doubled. The MM yeah. I was on the shelf and you always know where the maid is yes you. And then it foolish but exactly yeah exactly works with any thing you'd opt these obviously can't work with the Buddha reacting. Broad this is great and you get six of them for fifteen dollars per I got them on Amazon but I saw the mad Bed, Bath & Beyond outcry kid out but find kids who yeah of this okay. So give it ago as cold glove of a bubble. And what's needed touted it is the package is the glove. Yes there in the S soap solution is in the package they are dirt she. They are still getting married I'll stick in there and just wave your hand get out how it is this. And there ought. These. And other top gadgets of Tony eighteen visit is high tech as it. Check updates web site give you is that. As long aren't what I lived I think is given that fit our website W headed fanned dot com gives good Dick DeBartolo petty driving nearly. They knew the air on world news now. The.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"The \"Giz Wiz,\" Dick DeBartolo, swings by with some of the most-liked gear featured on the show this past year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60032035","title":"Best gadgets of 2018","url":"/WNN/video/best-gadgets-2018-60032035"}