Betty White's Record-Setting Career

Actress Betty White sets a Guinness World Record for longest career by a female entertainer.
3:08 | 09/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Betty White's Record-Setting Career
Welcome into the skinny Betty -- we all know and love. Yeah well now the Guinness book of world records also knows -- -- her because she is decimated and acted with the title -- longest TV career for an entertainer. Female she's 91 years old she has been in the TV business percent to NT four year and -- all the way through. How amazing that she isn't a golden girls -- of the classic she started her career in radio in 1939. She has one and he's -- sag awards and grammys you name it she's got it she's appeared in just about everything you can imagine life with Elizabeth and Mary Tyler Moore show they're easier in the golden girls. The Bold and the Beautiful all and that is her latest sitcom which is called hot in Cleveland. So they -- congratulations to this thing right -- -- -- she's on. Commercial -- that's hilarious I can't thank you figure out what the product is but she's great she does this other show where it -- older people pulling pranks on younger people -- area. Senator examined. Unbelievable hi -- piazza that you revealing that she is pregnancy didn't Lott who now lives and rap star. She's the host of that you today's -- -- ABC programs is also the daughter -- doctor Mehmet Oz. She announced her pregnancy Thursday during the taping the show season premiere which airs on Monday -- will be the first grandchild for doctor Oz and his wife Lisa. Anyway doctor causes the heart surgeon frequently promoting healthy -- so I would imagine that. Little -- will have nothing but the healthiest. Happens we -- she's also issued a great. -- she's on the geologic they're talking about is how to make. A really good recipe better by including more vegetables are making it got a lot of cleanup if they ever did paparazzi catches the baby and ships it's going to be on might be nuts and in -- I think every in the McDonald's probably not registered yet they -- -- -- -- they have. Yeah. Against the will recommend a good feeling because this isn't really -- a really cool -- -- got me. Found out probably the hardest I ever that television personality can't she's really really popular take a look what happened this morning. Yesterday morning. I'm gonna call. This -- watching community that -- number hundred. -- and never forget and cash here -- my opinion and I'll I want my constant rate. Having now is -- -- the phone aluminum. I'm. And at least -- -- seeing it now -- I think people are calling my column. Lots of people called that number. Answer your opponents great. -- -- -- -- One rebounds -- twelve text messages we of course blurred out the numbers just -- all lot of unsolicited attention and she's probably over at this point. She's also answered the -- -- I am sure he didn't get even more. -- -- only saw the number pop -- out another reading on her let's let's give our numbers -- -- Yeah that is my number not so much -- Then bush would hope that put him.

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{"id":20174999,"title":"Betty White's Record-Setting Career","duration":"3:08","description":"Actress Betty White sets a Guinness World Record for longest career by a female entertainer.","url":"/WNN/video/betty-whites-record-setting-career-20174999","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}