Beyonce Kicks Off Formation Tour

The pop icon kicked off her world tour in Miami, performing 37 songs during her two hour concert event.
3:31 | 04/28/16

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Transcript for Beyonce Kicks Off Formation Tour
It is big time and let's start with fiance she took the show on the road accident Green Bay got her fans in the mood for the start of forgive formation world tour with a black and white video. Posted to ins to Graham. And then it was show time in the me beyoncé. Opened her show with the song information from her new album lemonade of course also during the show she's saying the so called Becky moment from the sound sorry. Quick with the good hair and she paid tribute to prince lane purple rain during an interview. Despite all that's been said about their marriage since lemonade really is beyond this husband Jaycee was in the crowd. She seemed to shut down the rumors by dedicating halo to her his fiancee said quote I wanna dedicated to my beautiful husband I love you so much. Should point out that I interviewed beyoncé in 2004 way back when she first performed on the grammys with friends moments afterwards and she says that was a career highlight. Throw up to that point and forever. If it's one thing that you really really wanted to do was and that national asset that moment very they absolutely and it was a great performance Jay-Z in the crowd. OK first thank you might not have been there. I hoped that next up Will Ferrell he said to be in line to play another commander in chief variety reports it'll be former president. Ronald Reagan. The story reportedly begins at the start of Reagan's second term as he falls into dementia. And there's been an intern tasked with convincing Reagan that he's an actor playing the president in a movie. Hamas well Farrell knows how to play a president in trees George W. Bush on Saturday glad ban on Broadway. Barrett the stuff of comedy legend really word is a movie Reagan will soon being shopped to studios. And next to another movie this one a lot closer to your fears it's all about Edwards noted it is starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Who's playing infamous an essay whistle blower in director Oliver stone's upcoming dock you drama the film's trailer has just. And released in as we see snow and go from an army reservist computer specialists who knows and on the government's top secrets. Deputy director of the in the spirit of community solution can you tell me anything but a huge. It is a Google search exit instead of searching all open and public policy look at everything they don't emails chat system honest whatever you. Rich people. Smoking and somewhere. Snowden was most open last Christmas but it was pushed back presumably because of at Star Wars movie mannered and it's now scheduled to hit theaters on September 16. Andrew Sullivan himself tweeting us today for about two minutes everybody at NSA stopped working and what's the trailers. And finally Miley Cyrus has been getting some inking getting some grief about it this one is all about the planet's. At two fails to take into Graham yesterday to show off her newest tapped to. The planet there on her left arm but the rings around it they're highly then told her followers that she had a hash tag little baby Jupiter. OK so the problem is as many amateur astronomers told her is that the planet with a distinctive rings around it. Its Saturn not Jupiter some offered advice saying all she's getting her next piece she should do some research about it as well yeah but look up. Astronomer. Miley Cyrus. Luckily no known. Good and worse to be reckoned well.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"The pop icon kicked off her world tour in Miami, performing 37 songs during her two hour concert event. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38729156","title":"Beyonce Kicks Off Formation Tour","url":"/WNN/video/beyonce-kicks-off-formation-tour-38729156"}