Could the Biebs be Moving?

Justin Bieber may put his $6.5 million Miami mansion up for sale.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for Could the Biebs be Moving?
All right it's time for the skinny and we begin where all things begin Justin. Tentatively yes that's right -- news that could make his -- was pretty happened. Yeah and beans maybe moving out of his neighborhood you'll recall that beaver has -- in hot water with his neighbors over several typically teenage acts. -- a house drag racing through the streets but most teenagers don't own a six point five million dollar account and included not only -- And the -- about a possible move has been flying so the Calabasas -- That's right the mayor responded by saying he doesn't know for sure. But he says the peace and privacy of residence as his top priority and noted there have been a few -- a number of breaches that piece that beavers home. The mayor took time out of his data to comment on this -- -- you know I'm not sure you know China for the -- goodness about that car at a major milestone today for the one and only Oprah Winfrey. She turns 62. And then billionaires apparently 1980 easy today spent in the dangerous state near Santa Barbara not -- that and to celebrate we -- put together a look at some of her most. And -- Com. -- I remember the -- to hear about the car. And I didn't get a car -- -- your -- -- yeah. Yeah. I loved that -- -- All right moving on a Motley crew that's right what a -- -- they're calling it quits. That's right the crew phones they were formed in 1981 it quickly became known for their hard rock and songs not to mention the rock and roll lifestyle. Wild side was one of their better videos. From there he gains on MTV. Fact check on mountain this of that last night on Jimmy Kimmel show -- before the performance they announce what they are calling need. Final -- it starts in Grand Rapids, Michigan on July 2 and after 72 shows. And that is then -- Crew will be no more let's listen in -- Clinton. -- -- Hanging over -- Yeah. And the girls grew up there we go and he had -- Yeah. -- -- Robert -- not going to be the same without them I got us there. All right well they're still -- let's tell my guess what -- -- band members by the way all signed a formal agreement yesterday which bars them from using the Motley -- trademark. At the end of next year it will keep the cool hair that's right there that's right -- that here never goes away. All right a new ad focusing featuring Scarlett Johansson has been banned from the Super Bowl all right so is it too hot to handle to -- just -- to race seek out none of the above yeah because it turns out that dissects these scarlet -- send them. Was soda. That's right Scarlett Johansson talks about soda Minnesota I had all -- can't take a look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just as he's won four letter word -- all my the other band wearing -- seed in the belly that's the problem and I'm spoke to -- -- skinny coming up today let's. -- morning. Starting with a dose of reality on Capitol Hill last night in reality show star -- Robertson made the rounds before the -- the Yunnan and the beer -- of course was a big gamble saying he is of course from -- dynasty. Several members of congress bird tweet now -- pictures of -- I gotta -- that Robertson and ask them -- congressman in Louisiana where the seat of honor right there in the house chamber. They all ran out of their offices and -- -- picture with a -- dynasty guy and that's how patriotic -- and here's something we're sure of by the way. Two Americans two of America's funniest people I gotta say about this we'll definitely result instances. Yes Kate and -- sign belt and Tina day together in a car and anything can happen that he didn't offer -- -- web series called comedians in car is getting coffee. And that's exactly what they do along the way eighteen it comes clean about a topic that weld isn't so much. You -- up front side you will never. Ever see. I truly good looking for I'm in charge -- -- -- -- we'll -- -- it is. My purview. Oh my goodness people. Rape and -- But I gotta love that you know I I have multiple twins and I think that's going to be my job. He feces didn't impeach. Is college. From the start and just like us -- Vin Diesel. I -- something. I don't say that he is just like just a deadly health what do you do what you're half below that your life -- -- us. That is Vin Diesel apparently. Right now there. -- -- -- -- -- Way through this before about one was the -- war against Connecticut users -- to Donald -- right there. And then after awhile he just gets tired and such staring out the window about how he ran out of -- news that's right so -- Time to talk about how he's happy because he learned that his movie critics. He's number one on the dvd charts tell how else would you celebrate -- -- with some awkward -- that's what I. I -- on my tank top and mine camouflage. Source. Community -- twice I was actually just watching the video -- -- to show Samir lipstick not precious coming -- but hold back for a FaceBook.

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{"id":22278664,"title":"Could the Biebs be Moving?","duration":"3:00","description":"Justin Bieber may put his $6.5 million Miami mansion up for sale.","url":"/WNN/video/biebs-moving-22278664","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}