Bike upgrades with Dick DeBartolo

The Giz Wiz shows off the most unique gadgets from Interbike 2017.
4:29 | 10/09/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bike upgrades with Dick DeBartolo
JFK once said nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride but what is you can make your writing even more enjoyable. With a little high tech help. We'll gizmo is Dick DeBartolo is joining us fresh back from the incher bike show and Dick I he brought back some cool gadgets. What has some fun stuff in if you have a bite you like. And you want to make it into an electric bike I meant the inventor of a wheel that can do that just just that we'll critic. Political and put this mile any bike and it makes it might elect to bite in seconds but sixty seconds install but just outward. Different that what most wheels look like. So this real doesn't actually spend so what is going down the street it's weird look at because it's not spending. This sparsely solid the battery the motor the only thing that spins around is this wield his attire and its solid it has a foam board it will never get a flat. Gives you power it gives you about enough Pollard be an Olympic cyclist in a wheel in any five. 995 is now now it's out now and but right now I'm anybody is a third of a cost of the civil expected by. And it uses the bike you house. So if I'm doing lazy this looks like the subject of an alternative for those litigated absolutely twenty miles on a charge and if you want to pedal fifteen miles. Planet at a bargain price compared to what you actually day if you elect for a 5000 dollar through. Decent electric bikes wow are very on until you want a comfortable seat and you want our securities law PS on a bike. So this is both OK so it's deceit they make two different versions take the Segal when you arrived on. Our destination. Turn this seat over. Ted and raised enough bombs one raise that up to raise that up three. Unlock it. Senate seat excel at a lot deceit yes. And you run this through the frame of the bike and a real. Around something substantial and gridlock again but at that it's that never forget your butt bucket on what exactly like I'm very forgetful and it is things in my life now this is kinda weird this is called. These Smart halo and the company says. They don't want you looking at your full moon as you plan their up so what he'd do you go into they're acting and putting your final destination. That this a learning curve here okay. Then you follow the lights on your Smart halo this comes with brackets for the handle bar. And the lights will tell you what to do like for example right now it's going into it's getting ready to tell you that you're going to be making the turn. It keeps track of how many calories so ever senate staring at your following to figure out what direction you're going and yes you just tell you lights it's going green green green green when it starts blinking tired turn term. Let's put it. And has little headlights that come on red don't walk and then your eyes are up an honor of The Who exactly when you walk a rate shuts off automatically. So this is a mini pumped from PepsiCo. And it's kinda neat very light weight and built right into the pump they put the hose. And they put into different sitting one screws off and you flip it over depending on what tied at Bellevue have put his Bluetooth and that's a small outfits control and yes. And it's what Bluetooth that Bluetooth is if you want accurate. PSI and how much you putting on. It will send lodged digits to your phone so you can see exactly what you're doing and when you wanna stuff that's for higher level affectionate. Very high level. I get a little little. It let's about people do and then handle band is there is the way to attach. Anything to handle bar here you can do a Smartphone. You can do a bicycle pump I have to you don't have to have that perfect. Cradle for whatever get exactly and I'll finally if all else fail olds decide. The handle band is a bottle open. They got a look at their emergency. They always made a good bottle opener and you can activity and well Dick thinks this is critical and it doesn't give that great time at the show it's always fun I mean thousands of bikes in the all sorts of weird stuff well thanks for coming back and thanks for showing us this display you can find these and more gadgets and that's website. His whizzed up bid and on our website that they Lennon fans dot com we'll get back you're watching world news now. And you have a bottom.

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{"id":50363949,"title":"Bike upgrades with Dick DeBartolo","duration":"4:29","description":"The Giz Wiz shows off the most unique gadgets from Interbike 2017.","url":"/WNN/video/bike-upgrades-dick-debartolo-50363949","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}