Black Boxes Found in Deadly NYC Train Derailment

Four dead, more than 60 hurt after a Metro-North commuter train jumped the track.
2:14 | 12/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Black Boxes Found in Deadly NYC Train Derailment
America's -- Crews worked through the night at the scene of that deadly derailment here in New York. The so called black boxes have been recovered providing investigators and valuable information they're looking at whether speed or faulty brakes could have caused that accident. She's tomorrow Bradley live at the scene -- new details tomorrow. Good morning John and Diana a -- is being brought in to move those deemed rail cars trains still on the tracks. This morning NTSB investigators are here where they're expected to -- -- week maybe ten days. This morning. A search for answers after a deadly commuter train derailment here in New York City four people were killed more than sixty hurt it was -- -- movie soon. Overnight investigators recovered the black boxes from the mangled metro north train in good condition. They'll be looking -- a track conditions the trains equipment the signal system and the operator. Our mission is to understand not just. What happened but why -- happened. For the more than 100 passengers on board it was a nightmare 5:54 AM Sunday the train -- Poughkeepsie for New York's Grand Central Terminal. It's seven -- traveling southbound the train approaches a large curved jumps the track train cars roll over windows pop out. Passengers -- thrown from their seats. -- -- was getting thrown around and services people by America's war on a workday. Fully occupied would -- -- -- -- -- Also overnight authorities identified the victims among them 54 year old James Lavelle a father of four a lighting expert who was heading in the Manhattan to work on the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. I'll remember him as I think dignity and determination. And being you know wonderful father and friend a neighbor. Also killed 54 year old Donna Smith active in the Girl Scouts and with their church -- it was a wonderful person. -- -- Neighborly friendly passengers describe the train speeding at the curve it's not clear who was traveling faster than normal investigators will be looking at that. Diana and John. All right -- Bradley thank you for that report.

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{"id":21066454,"title":"Black Boxes Found in Deadly NYC Train Derailment","duration":"2:14","description":"Four dead, more than 60 hurt after a Metro-North commuter train jumped the track.","url":"/WNN/video/black-boxes-found-deadly-nyc-train-derailment-21066454","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}