Black Friday Shooting Leaves Officer Injured

The shooting took place outside a Kohl's department store filled with shoppers in suburban Chicago.
3:00 | 11/29/13

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Transcript for Black Friday Shooting Leaves Officer Injured
America's number one. Good Friday morning to you -- to begin with breaking news the shots rang out outside a department store filled with holiday shoppers happen in the parking lot of. -- and suburban Chicago several people are hurt including police officers. No officers were shot none of the injuries have to be life threatening witnesses say a suspect tried to shoplift from the store. And ran to get away car a vehicle on the scene is riddled with bullet holes. Less violent -- chaotic scenes unfolding in several locations eager shoppers looking to get the best deals NBC's Tom Bradley reports on all of that shopping madness. It's the national holiday shopping spree but not everyone is in the holiday spirit. Overnight -- -- seemed -- Black Friday shopping. In Romeo of Illinois police fired shots at a man trying to rob upholds the suspect to officers were taken -- the hospital. In southeast Texas a Wal-Mart customer group aggravated when the store gave out TVs to the back end of the line the -- that about every. They -- getting fatigued from a new study hitting it. Another Wal-Mart customer in New Jersey got into a scuffle with police. Wal-Mart corporate released a statement overnight saying our stores and employees -- a good job calming things down quickly when incidents occurred last year. And we anticipate that to continue this year. These Black Friday shoppers were more tame and thrilled with the eye popping deals really didn't. PlayStation but -- were normal but here -- just like an -- didn't expect. This year holiday sales are expected to hit nearly 600 billion dollars in store strike to cash in by opening on Thanksgiving we get out. And that beat the rest. Hopefully we'll get there's an island -- Know that sounds and -- Overland. The deals this year are better than ever the average discount 35%. Off. That's up from 25%. And 2010140. Million Americans are expected to shop in stores or on line this weekend. Experts say there's no rush many retailers -- keep these deals through this season. To -- Bradley ABC news Washington. Todd thanks to -- that Black Friday of course is a reference to the day when many retailers finally went to the black starting up profit for the year. Registers will be ringing across the nation once again today and -- some of those who went shopping yesterday. It was just a way to pass the time. My -- my wife is a -- is working seven to seven today so we're still -- Thanksgiving tomorrow. I tell you something right does it with the dog all day watching TV. He's got a lot of. It doesn't -- -- by the way they are now only 26 shopping days left until Christmas. Police that is frightening. All right brings us to our FaceBook question of the day what are your shopping plans -- -- Black Friday that is will you spend more this year. One -- AT and bands dot com in the treeless not.

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{"id":21047221,"title":"Black Friday Shooting Leaves Officer Injured","duration":"3:00","description":"The shooting took place outside a Kohl's department store filled with shoppers in suburban Chicago.","url":"/WNN/video/black-friday-2013-shooting-leaves-officer-injured-21047221","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}