BollyX: The New Fitness Craze

Inspired by India's film industry, this new exercise regimen will shed pounds.
3:07 | 05/02/14

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Transcript for BollyX: The New Fitness Craze
-- is in about three weeks from today it's the -- of Memorial Day weekend and that of course means. It's time for -- -- reading -- -- you really know me. Now I'm not actually so what are the new ways to shed a few pounds before the start of summer ABC news travel and lifestyle editor Genevieve -- round. Introducing us to new fitness class the promise of some big results. And that's a good thing good morning going to be. Good morning John and Diana it's popping up in cities everywhere -- new fitness class based on -- pop culture. Bodily -- I tip my first class earlier this week -- -- out. -- Can't -- this priest how many hands it's called folly and it's hard core party you work out that trust from the music. He's filming his street. Glad he won fifteen minute -- act. Session will -- about 500 to 800 calories. He's -- happy birthday and he original concept is one -- -- -- it's getting still popular. Rapidly -- we realize that you know there is actually no established. Dance fitness program out there that draws upon Hollywood's. Classes -- offered in New York City Boston New York Richmond Virginia -- -- and Chicago next up. Philadelphia Los Angeles and New Jersey visit OK for people who haven't been. Yeah few months. So the poly X class is about to start an item of the first came up I was dancing I have no intention name -- but -- -- -- -- -- company itself. What Bali act does is it encourages you to get back into fitness we make it's really fun for you -- you'll come into class. You'll have been extremely. Effective -- you -- Hill like a rock start -- stand behind them that your mother. The Bollywood inspired dancing is combined with high and low intensity training wheels we jumped right in through rigorous and -- Dancing -- in just. Each section of hot and -- much the way Bollywood dancing dad. It's one of the many ways the instructors encouraged tended to unleash their inner rock -- I wasn't the only first timer past and -- I was slightly at least -- We're fast pace than expected but never really kind of mayhem my uses Bloomberg pan am -- -- and -- -- So what is had to take some classes and get my strength back and how to -- compared to many -- Hello my goodness is as much -- war college. It is much what did you take as much more -- and as much nobody movement that I am sweating and Seles I. Looks very -- did it actually have more of an effort that we put out more energy than those in the class are some of the other classes you taking. Absolutely it was a lot of hard work but -- a lot of fun lot of sweating -- not and that stadium between 50800. Calorie action. Get to it from got a couple weeks plastic. -- we're all -- -- well I don't know but I. Didn't stop -- as usual thank you.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Inspired by India's film industry, this new exercise regimen will shed pounds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23557954","title":"BollyX: The New Fitness Craze","url":"/WNN/video/bollyx-fitness-craze-23557954"}