Boston Marathon Explosions: Newspaper Headlines

World News Now shows a collection of domestic and international headlines from the Boston tragedy.
2:51 | 04/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boston Marathon Explosions: Newspaper Headlines
Tonight as the world wakes up today the -- Boston Marathon big front page headlines on newspapers worldwide. British take a look at then some some of them now these are advance copies -- -- going to be seeing tomorrow morning depending on where you live here's the first and that we want to show you this is the Boston Herald. And it says his agency terror at the finish line and this is one of those harrowing pictures. Those flags those ominous flags. The only thing you can see everything behind -- smoke and that's where one of the explosions happened and that's where you've been seeing a lot of -- videos. -- all of those people that were there. Were injured is what we're hearing now. -- single of the New York Times -- right here. It is a tough one a look at it's quite dramatic picture of heroes really that that looks like and Joseph blow guy. This ran up and help people this is right after -- the bomb went off so I mean -- people who ran towards people injured instead of running away that's true heroes it's one of those kind of photos. Blast at Boston Marathon kills three. Injures 100. And something else that's really interesting about this is how fluid this information as this is -- picture this is the Boston Globe this is another one of those very. Similar. Image as the New York Times that you just saw. But this will say that -- at the finish line until three same information -- a 130. An Italian this information is still coming in as we speak he got -- even newspapers who are printing the very little the latest additions are still all. Their information is fluid as well. Does the guardian little worldwide headline here again of the dramatic pictures that's the runner who fell down the seventy something year old runner got at last about the heat totally find out -- terror in Boston is twin blasts hit city marathon meeting another international -- Daily Telegraph. Bomb carnage. Aaron not a wider shot a little more -- he's worked tasteful -- maybe maybe sell a little less flooding. Now isn't it interesting that he. There were so many cameras because this is such an incredible event so many cameras both still cameras and television cameras and you know cameras that -- recording live -- -- And they were able to capture the moment where you can still see the finer the flat out into the moment where that actually happened some of these other -- are a little later do you. You go to the infamous -- that many are just because -- -- out of bitten days. They're known for some other headlines they're known for you know going places are a lot of -- the other. It newspapers prefer to not go to what they did was -- date -- kept its involved Tara the top. The picture very gruesome lots of blood around this young lady -- stunned look honor these embryos into law tell the story can really catch -- absolutely. And you know these are just some of the headlines that you'll be seeing.

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{"id":18965892,"title":"Boston Marathon Explosions: Newspaper Headlines","duration":"2:51","description":"World News Now shows a collection of domestic and international headlines from the Boston tragedy.","url":"/WNN/video/boston-marathon-explosions-newspaper-headlines-18965892","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}