Britney Spears Is Back

Britney Spears debuts her new video on the CW Network.
3:36 | 10/02/13

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Transcript for Britney Spears Is Back
-- skinny guy and Britney Spears is back in a big way she's got a new video which she premiered last night on the CW its. Got a name has got a naughty word -- we'll call it. Work -- -- carried out work expletive -- with the wish. He's very soon she. Anyway it's expected to serve as the lead single off -- -- eight. Studio album which is coming up and shows are breaking down and -- in various locations including and other -- dimly lit club. And people at those stores on December. Yeah. She does look good. -- -- -- Right Miley Cyrus back inside once again just when she likes to be but. Time she's actually working for it she will be on SNL she is not only the musical performance but she -- -- hosting next. And they they really seeing a couple of clips of video of what we can expect from her apartment. Not on stage but actually in front of the audience as. The host of the whole thing take a -- I leave that -- performance how could I know how could I -- it was too much the children and look I'm weary and doing it don't forget about the children -- that you. I've been very tongue in cheek about the whole of the amazing performance that everybody was. You know had a hard time -- Just to say she's very good performers like doing a good job you know as far as the music has. See her acting chops we've seen -- Hannah Montana you know she can actually connecting yeah -- Wanted to do anything outrageous stay -- I bet she will the Simpson's getting ready to our armed and one of their upcoming season's. Yeah I love the shows my favorite show full time executive producer Al Jean admits that -- -- How somebody off either in this -- -- -- five or 26 season can't imagine how wants -- on the air. -- the first time in 25 years they've -- what characters before I think the most famous one was Ned Flanders his wife more modern series eleven. They won't say the characters going to be other. Then the voice and the character has -- and heavy for doing this character -- and when asked but that way they would. How about who shot mr. -- type -- story. They would only say that they hope to stop will lead to some breaking. Bad to tighten them -- doesn't everybody. All right next check that -- actually -- sad story -- Adam he's been in the news. He has drug addiction. And his marriage is falling apart won't now is claiming that he -- want to return to the NBA he -- about a team he played for the clippers last season. But he's telling his friends according to -- that he will be back this coming season. But let's not forget this holed up in the house -- according to DMZ. Southern California binging on crack with two young women in paying their early twenties. He is married to Khloe Kardashian and who has apparently according to -- given him an ultimatum. Either clean up or get out -- divorce papers have been filed yet but apparently it's coming very soon. You know he has a problem he needs help but I think he's imagining that he can -- given yeah it'll come back here -- and somehow that's gonna fix everything. I mean maybe down the road if he's really seriously it's not a light switch -- turn on and off not the NBA label level now when you have a real problem like that I'm an unseen and any evidence in this kind of turnaround yet so. If yes probably.

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{"id":20440957,"title":"Britney Spears Is Back","duration":"3:36","description":"Britney Spears debuts her new video on the CW Network.","url":"/WNN/video/britney-spears-music-video-release-20440957","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}