Britney Spears Looks to Tame Las Vegas

Britney Spears is negotiating with two casinos in Las Vegas to house her new show.
3:57 | 02/06/13

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Transcript for Britney Spears Looks to Tame Las Vegas
Yeah. -- -- Highlights of -- second independent actually kind of -- is quite the comeback Britney Spears is set to perform her own show -- Indeed it's -- -- then city yes this is going to be huge action is reporting that she is set to headline news show in Vegas. It's between two casinos they haven't decided to turn yet the Caesars is kind of on the -- -- Now who. Big formal announcement within the next couple of weeks according to her -- so this is definitely happening. Just background information on in this woman who hasn't had quite into the comeback she looks so incredibly hot these days. She is the top earning female artists in 2012 she -- to the highest paid performer on forbes' top earning women in music for 2012. Sharon 58 million dollars in 201164. Million dollars in 2000 and so. -- -- -- critics she has -- the law. And -- -- really give Baylor a -- to big contract -- But if she is looking pretty fighting shape was a force to be reckoned with what OK -- let go for you don't look the crazy bought anything and irrelevant your what you would she's -- uranium 308 top stuff. They'll -- those kind of contracts anybody Celine Dion never had a hundred million dollar deal to write a camel big stars pack in -- house a day after they became -- weekend. And she will listen making big money is a nice little it's nice I plan not bad for -- little girl who can Whittle Louisiana. And -- also pretty -- here two ESPN the magazine does their big music issue discover cool concept here they have. Well known sports icons had opposed. In terms of famous. Albums and this kind of -- You may recognize Ryan luck indeed there are united in the famous swimmer posing -- -- and look maybe from the Nevada. -- from way back went up I was kind of a cool shot -- that picture there. And then we had I think this is NASCAR. Star Jimmy Johnson doing his best impression of Bob Dylan in net Photoshop problems albums from way back -- that's OK let's not let's -- -- a good shot and then missing never seen her this is soccer star Alex Morgan. She's recreating Katy -- look for Perry's album one of the void -- -- -- -- a little resemblance there and looking good circle the coldest in the magazine in the summer you can actually moved to ultimate goal line to check that out but good to see that we do that we get would you give a favorite athlete in. Now our favorite album cover. -- thriller so don't. Please bring your jacket tomorrow I know -- I don't. I don't have a negative might have got my jacket gloves she -- you getting your office to hunt yeah. I thought about it -- -- show she. I don't talk about -- that's my that's -- singer Jimmy new girl. We're gonna bring back down this is actually kind of sad so Robert -- was on the -- shall and they were talking about me he was -- Bradley Cooper and -- director producer of silver linings playbook and they were talking about the great responsibility of working on a movie that's so important to the filmmaker. And Robert -- had a very interesting -- action -- I don't like to get most. But I know exactly he was. I was talking about the filmmaker of the movie who was admitted that he has a son who house that dealt with and struggled with -- -- it. And so. Robert era didn't delve into it but he said he knows what he's going through so we can only imagine that that means someone in his family obviously struggles to think he is the on screen. Father of Bradley Cooper who in the movie. Deals with bipolar very interesting NBA and you'll see an engineer was raging bull today that goodfellas he's -- you don't you don't you don't see it. I don't totally got -- know that we all have issues and an average and things that's for sure ourselves and we -- is that York. -- --

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{"id":18417222,"title":"Britney Spears Looks to Tame Las Vegas","duration":"3:57","description":"Britney Spears is negotiating with two casinos in Las Vegas to house her new show.","url":"/WNN/video/britney-spears-tame-las-vegas-18417222","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}