Are Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian Heading for Divorce?

he former Olympic gold medalist tells friends that he's tired of being treated like a doormat.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Transcript for Are Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian Heading for Divorce?
I'll lock on the back and so I'm Bruce -- and what they say about cutting is my story. Only -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cookbook all of this could get -- order disorder strikes again we'll get credit products Canada Britain and his daughter on Bruce. -- Jenner and Chris -- -- and yet allegedly. He might be headed for divorce court according to you The National Enquirer Bruce -- says although he feels that Chris treats it like -- dorm she constantly be little's. His appearance and complaints of mutual friends that he's a boring old fart heat and has consulted a divorce lawyer regarding as 21 year marriage -- you. Two -- and the other one outlet infection kids together Tyler his failure yeah except that the heaviest in the case. They have a 155 million dollar fortune. But he's kind of tired and fed up with -- her and apparently she's been wanting some relationships and -- with -- overhead and -- -- younger man. Lessons take as the -- actually -- -- so that rapidly her egos of out of control so maybe that marriage could be headed for. Let's build it is The National Enquirer so as always take it with a found not a grain of salt but. We'll see you know marriages don't have a -- -- read if the -- event was so. Good luck to them all right here and -- of just more dysfunctional families right here -- -- low and of course the father of everyone's. They were delinquent Lindsay -- had apparently. He was on the show it took a paternity test that you show in the UK and the DNA tests prove that he is in fact. The father. Of an illegitimate love child seventeen year old Ashley Horne. Who was -- from an affair that he -- way back in 1995. All of this filed several years of public dispute. Which -- Michael and her mother. Christie so now he is the -- of the seventeen year -- I guess that would be Lindsey's. Stepsister right so there we go the Lohan family saga which is an episode of Jerry Springer. Continues to get messy year -- here. And senior Michael Lohan father of the year nominee once again what it. Collaborate and that's what again yeah. Let's go forward its case. In last night at and TV cast of Jersey Shore collaborated. Make you if you -- I was called have restored the -- the telethon. And responding out of this Donna Schroeder who is -- wonderful graphic artist graphic designer here her son and his. Fraternity to -- one step further they attend James Madison University they're selling a wrist bands. I'm gonna try to hold it up February -- -- out both of us are holding one up that says restore the sure yeah dollars and -- doesn't signal. Yeah. -- -- was drove a short says on here in has a restore the shortened the name of the opportunity all the bracelet they are so they've -- 2000 dollars for which is out great so pleading get. Help them raise a little -- down -- -- and you. Go buy some new go to our website Delta State -- It's very cold well -- guys lot of guys and certainly the folks that -- indeed. That money real quick to over back in the headlines this morning as well because in addition all her other. Projects now she's getting to the organic foods business based upon our property out and now we she's already trying to get all these new names like org you know all these up. Product -- slices and all this kind of solved so all Gregg yes. Getting to the food that is.

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{"id":17736584,"title":"Are Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian Heading for Divorce?","duration":"3:00","description":"he former Olympic gold medalist tells friends that he's tired of being treated like a doormat.","url":"/WNN/video/bruce-jenner-kris-kardashian-heading-divorce-17736584","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}