Bruce Springsteen and Other Celebs Pitch-In for Sandy

Jon Bon Jovi, Springsteen and Billy Joel will headline a Sandy relief concert.
3:00 | 11/02/12

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Transcript for Bruce Springsteen and Other Celebs Pitch-In for Sandy
-- -- -- -- doing it's. Not yeah boy yeah. Ask -- one of the best as well now it's time for this skinny and while -- certain we've been talking about people pitching in. For the victims of a hurricane standing -- sandy and now we're seeing it again Bruce Springsteen Jon Bon Jovi Christina. Maggie let they're gonna perform a live concert to benefit hurricane -- sandy. The victims. And as if that's just going to be and of course Billy Joseph that's going to be absolutely. Remarkable we know Billy -- grew up on Long Island. Very very. Hard hit by the storm with some of -- most iconic New York songs ever not at -- listening New York giving Billy Joel's it's amazing it's amazing and and that's -- air NBC tonight that's right yes. But also very interesting I mean Bruce Springsteen we know that he -- a -- a big fan. Of Governor Christie raised right on he's supporter of the -- the president's. And did you guess he's even has sort of been -- -- -- to Governor Christie over the years concerts in at least one op Ed piece even criticized. His policies but. Now he's praising. Governor Christie for his in his efforts and I think we can all agree regardless of your politics. Governor Christie has just hit it out of the park he has shown tremendous leadership emotion -- motion. He's passion the whole time -- he's had to be and so of course. Even Bruce -- -- he -- he says we're -- you can't separate from Jersey Shore still basically a glorified bar band -- -- service. So we're gonna do this tonight from our home -- to your hometown we'll send this out to all the people working down there and also to the governor. Who has done such a hard job this -- week. He does that on a concert right PA. Yeah accordingly. According to -- blog blue Jersey got common offense right now where people that he -- so -- eleven pearl bombing see the boss lemont so they can't let up bipartisan and he. -- -- -- the each other -- say -- that's Fred you know tragedy trumps. You know politics and that's great to see that also speaking of the storm here Chelsea handler put her money where mouth and she's gonna donate a 100000. Dollars to media. Red cross and support her because she is a native. New Jersey so this does he hit close to home. Obviously time remind people if you want to help out to you can text the word Red Cross to 90999. And double through your cell phone. Donate ten bucks to the Red Cross of Chelsea thanks for for a time -- in there and given some money has that. Just your home state appreciates that for sure that ABC getting into the act as well because Monday November 5 we're calling this here's the network. -- beginning across all of our shows kicking -- things the morning with Good Morning America of course have been dedicate their second hour -- in eastern to raise money for the relief efforts and encouraging viewers to -- and donate to the red cross and then live and Michael Kelly Kelly and Michael -- and do something you ladies of the view and do something so all day Monday ABC check out all of our shoes to learn more about how you can -- kind of a network news division wide. Effort almost. That tax absolutely absolutely well we've. We've got a bit with Bruno they're good on how the earlier about the are -- to speak to him about the 2012 CMA awards -- -- -- -- ten and the worst well check this out a lot of winners we tell us that is going to be huge win. Not so much she was shut out. But we'll look for the year little big town single of the year cool until a little bit -- song of the year we'll bring you Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert really big. Being. He's -- year for them there of course a married couple. And let's see -- and awareness of the year country -- so big night for the CMA. Thanks guys -- and and they out of some sandy victims as well less sensitive goods shipped anyway Chris Brown back in the news has -- your favorite. So for Halloween he decides to dress up as I'm a terrorist for re honest yes with -- the -- and his party I just I mean he just got this wonderful probation report. And this is what he does he just he can't he can't. Can't help and showed up at a party dresses terrorism as he tries to combat his image of being a violent and -- critics. Who's handling -- is -- May -- may need to be fired if man. When -- -- woman that.

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{"id":17623791,"title":"Bruce Springsteen and Other Celebs Pitch-In for Sandy","duration":"3:00","description":"Jon Bon Jovi, Springsteen and Billy Joel will headline a Sandy relief concert.","url":"/WNN/video/bruce-springsteen-celebs-pitch-sandy-17623791","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}