Budget travel tips

Planning a winter trip to someplace warm? Expedia's Courtney Scott breaks down the best places to get last-minute deals.
2:39 | 11/22/17

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Transcript for Budget travel tips
A Caribbean vacation sounds pretty nice right about now I would say son after a live hurricane season that we've had places that depend on tourism. They want everyone back so. Potential deals might be out there here's Expedia is Courtney Scott. Holidays act quickly approaching which means adding a little bit my price conscious than usual. But luckily there I've kind a beautiful places to escape that went to hold on a budget. Conception at the entire Caribbean has been sidelined by recent hurricanes. Let's get any percent of the Caribbean was not impacted and it's still very much up and running for tourists. Yeah. Yeah. One of the best places in the Caribbean to find deals in the Dominican Republic. Beginning Thanksgiving Day all the way these Cyber Monday there will be coupon savings an Expedia dot com. About 75%. Off select hotels in the Dominican Republic. If you are staying in with a kind of try scheduling a visit around lot of my math and if you have time go to Santa Domingo for a day tore. You can also explore the limestone caves in the youth of both painful months boring you can head to a route we went to get away. Where Expedia I think I fit in flight pox. You can exploit the gorgeous beaches on the sandy side of the island. Boy taken off road detours to the volcanic out of Aruba and get a taste of its more rugged coastline. While Miami suffered damage following hurricane Irma. This city is fully open for business this holiday season. Over a Black Friday and Cyber Monday you'll see at 75% off select hotels on Expedia dot com in this Florida hot five. A popular area fifth day with along the South Beach strip. But there are plenty of other neighborhoods to explore including the art scene in the wind logistics and delicious restaurant and nightlife index. If the Purdue is he the called in Mexico considered traveling to kingpin. If you but your flight and hotel at the same time into a vacation package. You can get up to 900 dollars off a trip to Cancun or my Delcarmen. There are so many adventures to have plenty touchdown. I'm must be is he memory. One of the most gorgeous island and all of my. And only an hour from Cancun airport. Or you can head to live in the ultimate bohemian and a little hippie haven less than two calories from Cancun. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner and rates sent about one of these India. At the end.

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{"id":51322847,"title":"Budget travel tips","duration":"2:39","description":"Planning a winter trip to someplace warm? Expedia's Courtney Scott breaks down the best places to get last-minute deals.","url":"/WNN/video/budget-travel-tips-51322847","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}