Burgers For Father's Day

ABC's Tina Trinh learns how to make the very best burger for Father's Day.
3:14 | 06/19/15

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Transcript for Burgers For Father's Day
Oh with a barber. They've put this summer summer food now it's year round right okay fine go wrong did what to make write it. But it can be heart just get Justin. He's simply if you like. Taking over the grilled Moody's steel I think it over dead as we can't that you still have you beer. Will make the birds admitted to a right if he's injured tries her hand at a burger recipe that. Sure until the police. We're inside a landmark in your city and here with chef Mark Murphy and mark are gonna make New York. Signature mark Berger right yes we are we. So tell me what it takes a burger. And two amazing. For me it's all about being. Read some you have to have some really good humor in the first return for shocked. Something that's very I think. Important murders of new crisp and sort of refreshing of paint sort of heavy dish so here we have some red motor vehicles when you bite it's moments like little relief. You never really been sauce and we have a very special sauce. As your secrets it's a secret while not really isn't my books are so much good. Seven is very important in the murder is the season and probably most offseason with the authority so you really have the season outside of the me. Very very well you want to make sure that you get nice. Thanks Carter you solve problems. Who tosses them grow up athletic. OK so now. So now we're gonna make sauce limit for these funds over here. We're gonna have were in music today. A little bit of Dijon mustard. We'll but the capture. A little bit of garlic cold feet. An article it is what is are perfectly cooked slowly in olive oil and it turns into like Nixon who lives. Mario and I'm nexus. Yeah for the season previews it I thought it was apparently via. A little bit of vodka and connected to punch in we're gonna build up or pay over bread and butter pickles on. Roethlisberger on top I love pension people. Quality that news there's little sauce on them we'll. Take. Indeed that is your. Defense. And again. Here we go significant difference in the amount will help your Brothers and everybody. Hello look at it it's juicy. The Indians don't want you looking happy holidays. Everybody that is. That we and what you hear. The market in the good folks that lead Artie can't stop ignorant. Though burger you'll know it landmark is one of my top five favorite restaurants in New York City had been wait long long time alone that place. You forgot you actually took their went. As Troy Davis thought he was we course many right let me first. All that the bell Atlantic are headed here it is up live mark brought us together if you let it take it is a pretty good the secret sauce are actually available on his cookbook. And with authority and we took that he's also would judge of benevolence. Delicious you know I would imagine right.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh learns how to make the very best burger for Father's Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31882673","title":"Burgers For Father's Day","url":"/WNN/video/burgers-fathers-day-31882673"}