Burning off that winter weight

If you're starting to slack at the gym, don't worry! SLT founder Amanda Freeman teams up with ABC News’ Will Ganss to share trends and tips to keep your 2020 focus on fitness.
3:36 | 01/23/20

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Transcript for Burning off that winter weight
Oh the weather outside is frightful but as the chill settled senior ready to bring the heat and focus on fitness since winning its money right. Answer Amanda Freeman owner and instructor and has held seat strength physically sick how. Tell me a little bit about. Some of the fitness trends you're seeing as we get into this need in home is definitely a trend but there are a number of interesting out of home friends that I love. One of which is hybrid work out so dual modality workouts. Where you don't have to choose between car radio and strength training her car radio and Tony. And another and I also love her plane is face fitness. There's a lot of businesses emerging that are dealing with the fact that you should be moving your face as much as you're moving LA. Back to the body. If you want to get the body slim and trim your goals should also state small. They the biggest mistake people make is they think Tuesday. They forget about an action plan and a timeline. For getting tobacco also setting a milestone goals along the way still about that action plan. So there are folks who want to start at home but her son. Moved some exercise that you think are great building blocks to start so there are three moves that are the basis for a lot of the moves an adult seat that you couldn't anywhere. One is a plank and earth. Millions of variations on a plank. Scarier version of a blank looks like this at us LT and I felt the burn real quick it's chicken Michael Lee. We're only afford such a position with the shoulder width apart Clorox on the floor. Another have a lot rules and we have tons of one variation. Do like accessing scored with one likes lowering your hips until closely event at about ninety degree angles. And then the slot is another move that we have a lot of variations on in these are all things you can do just with. Nothing honestly. A lot of basic piece of art or slightly whiter act like you're sitting into an imaginary chair. Dies Carol out of the Florida Keys over your ankles princess Alice. Soon. The ringing. But Amanda at some other fitness inspired ideas. Making a resolution of standing for an hour of the day that you would be spinning and so when you're on a call stand instead of six. And you can do exercises why are standing as well another one highlight. Is just drinking more water. If you're really looking for that one sparked a fitness inspiration and an assist to Triad group fitness. Signing up for classes probably the best way to get in exercise we'll spend some money he don't want to lose the money. And you don't want to let me let the rest of the class down. So there's accountability to ask accountability for your check plus there's accountability for the folks that are around and. So Amanda just opened a new SLT tread studio which is half treadmill half mega performers have you're doing fierce. Give that a try or start with the three at home fitness building blocks easyJet and appease eloquent she said about going to group fitness class though because it. Hold you accountable so it which plus are we going to get it may not idle you know. Still. Well that's all idol fanatic he now that I can't I can't do it make you hot issues on order right now I'd yeah. My thighs this case. You soar after doing that reform until he had to be sore for five days like a stiff muscles that I didn't even know where in my body but they were there as our lifestyle expert on world news now we got you looking good well. Everything wondering why it's white it's funny betting odds station all working out the it's amazing I can still fit into this suit jacket by oh lord. Boldly.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"If you're starting to slack at the gym, don't worry! SLT founder Amanda Freeman teams up with ABC News’ Will Ganss to share trends and tips to keep your 2020 focus on fitness. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68478787","title":"Burning off that winter weight","url":"/WNN/video/burning-off-winter-weight-68478787"}