Cap'n Crunch May Not Be a Captain

Three stripes on the cereal icon's sleeve means he may only be a commander.
2:55 | 06/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cap'n Crunch May Not Be a Captain
I mixed what's up my breakfast cereals might temperature of all time -- crunch darker as the cute story on this turns out -- there's little Internet scandal brewing. You call this -- story you don't think so -- -- Paul is scant evidence they may appear to be appalled mother -- it turns out the Captain Crunch is not actually captain. Take a look closely apparently it -- uniform and displace three stripes. And that tradition the captain traditionally wears of course trek uniforms and I think that a commander and -- the economy and Vermont -- -- is that is that -- So responsive to claims that he's been lying about his rank and making him a criminal a trader captain Horatio Magellan crunch -- -- to his official Twitter account to get the allegations saying. -- -- misunderstandings I am the captain of the SS -- with my crew which does make me. An official captain. Night there you happen. You know I would command -- -- -- Really surprised that it has taken American missile on -- And finds that one little problem. And bring it happened late January an -- -- write it down for an outline. Let's look at what we're extremely jealous about this morning how about this I carry collings of -- he is from Washington. Okay so it. Just what. With jealousy guard number one he goes out by the lottery ticket that he wind called the red the red hot five's -- -- -- 1550. Y but don't expect the fact that was line. An opinion right. So -- he -- -- 61 year old guy goes out the next state to clean his -- Passion any picks up a couple of bring on the -- -- scratch tickets. And he wins a jackpot again 200000. Dollars yeah yeah and 255000. Islanders living in the 24 hours he wins dollars. When Mario lovers or else yes -- and says that the first a little bit of cash is getting used to settle since he hasn't figured out what is an into the Atlantic cash. Man oh man all right. Right along that they -- wedding San Diego couple -- their loved. For each other and they get -- actually is contingent Doug van inadvertent you know this boycott does get married or not. Big fight they confessed to the San Diego County fair debate -- celebration. And they bonded over their -- report written for children. Never had a -- India. -- -- -- -- The honeymoon in Baltimore where they will be the guest of honor at the annual pink gown festival and they walked down the aisle -- a big red carpet to the -- local radio station. Presiding pretty cool. So -- until triple bypass I do them -- I may well I think it makes everything better -- it does makes a wedding matter. -- exactly here's a terrible terrible story to one at about the direction to a woman's house to sound like the beginning of a joke but it's not big into its publisher -- -- -- it's her grandson he was there is still her -- -- -- -- he said that his friends pressured him can be they had that a casino not the president happened last year -- he's on the television when a bomb bomb.

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{"id":19433963,"title":"Cap'n Crunch May Not Be a Captain","duration":"2:55","description":"Three stripes on the cereal icon's sleeve means he may only be a commander.","url":"/WNN/video/capn-crunch-captain-19433963","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}