'Cards Against Humanity' Has a Profitable Black Friday

"Cards Against Humanity" sold nothing for $5 on Black Friday but still raked in over $70k in profits.
2:54 | 11/30/15

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Transcript for 'Cards Against Humanity' Has a Profitable Black Friday
It is time now for your respect our right and so thought about this grants are talking about. The card against humanity companies the card game Qaeda. Well they are known for doing much that they unconventional gifts offering and for the holiday is so. The last year they had they were selling a pox from from the cafe on there who. Eyewitness far easier imagination there this year and they added public my old. Selling nothing believer not for five dollars flow but he's gonna go and ask you what they write myself actually 70000. Dollars actually more than that. Who would do that well evidently a lot of people because they made all that money and that's actually explains why it's there employee. So they advertise on their web page at their selling you nothing nothing and odd dollars inning and a box of nothing because. At least Lester you got a box of crap out of it this year that it's absolutely nothing at people's. Spent five books out. It is anything yet for the I guess it doesn't go to charity if somebody as you know there are some many legendary butts out there there is of course they could not just but which has its own zip code. And there is have been sports world you had the but fumble for jets fans are still not getting over that with Mark Sanchez. Well soccer. Has its own legendary but it is Ben Williamson's but so take a look at this play very carefully they they've goalie they're trying to get the ball to the other side and then. Hits it off bands but. And its horrors of all. Big slow Mo look at that. I what are the chances. Not very often I guess bend it like bad. That's amazing this is in Cambridge united players there. Political. And that's pretty cool video actually a Don being rescued from floodwaters in Texas let's take a look. It's and is actually a photo. I know how sweet being rescued the man that there are actually discovered contested waters of the dock on the shoulders. With the help of a ladder truck the firefighter was lowered to Wear that to work. A police have been back to say hello and check how to dive. Express its gratitude in a very Blake passion. So I'm licking the firefighters for its customers phrase. Very ago Lacey you can tell you very thankful that's great and done. Speaking of thankful want to get to some turkeys who were probably thankful to be alive and listen to this back and forth. Whenever they'd hear the car horn ended. And they really are made double back having a conversation. I don't know I thought we have speakers say no in the hunt had. Khatami celebrate Black Friday to follow up.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"\"Cards Against Humanity\" sold nothing for $5 on Black Friday but still raked in over $70k in profits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35484631","title":"'Cards Against Humanity' Has a Profitable Black Friday","url":"/WNN/video/cards-humanity-profitable-black-friday-35484631"}