Catching up with Hayley Kiyoko

The pop star and LGBTQ role model discusses her new video and her friendship with Taylor Swift.
3:09 | 07/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Catching up with Hayley Kiyoko
It's been a crazy journey and well in the past year it's been very busy but on the floor and your advice. Just as a nice reminder. Or all the same. This artist of the year goes through. Paley Yoko. And they petty. Where eleven of the other side you can follow your chance. I've always known until I was sent I was five and eyes someone who's gay or in the community. There is a stereotype one person camera present scuffled meaning. I'm trying to break. Diet at wal and that's stereotype because we taller very different. Last time we spoke again this is like a tag we have. Poland is here everything now it's about. Elevating being more involved and the names and I was shocked. Taylor Swift reached out and as a first time I've ever been and it's 70000 people. It's an overwhelming feeling. I am so. She is to be in the Medea. I chose to me it's sort. That he made us so far she shot an arrow through lighting. Greg yeah I've read some equipment that you know go big or go home find out that you live and it's the best three seconds ever. There's not a lot of videos out there that have so many people of artists' community. Literally end here in half and yeah don't. So I have an UC all of that I went out. I drafted a new thing else. Yeah. You will love watching pants cause like are at a doable dance Padilla. We have incredible you know dancers and concentrate prayers at the scene like. Winning. Taken passes he's okay. When he I have left. South that you lose love from others who does how could you be so selfish. Having friends are a circle. People to be able itself analyst are hand. They can't necessarily fixture art are meant to you but they can. And healthy through it in music videos was born ALCON that I see. So what's next spring need. Shooting a music videos getting the contact Redding and is getting ready and that next explosion. Songs sat trapped. And Phoenix.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"The pop star and LGBTQ role model discusses her new video and her friendship with Taylor Swift.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64436414","title":"Catching up with Hayley Kiyoko","url":"/WNN/video/catching-hayley-kiyoko-64436414"}