What Caused the Bieber and Gomez Split?

Could Justin Bieber be moving from the "Wizards" star to a Victoria's Secret angel?
3:00 | 11/13/12

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Transcript for What Caused the Bieber and Gomez Split?
Welcome news rocking Hollywood this week Kansas brings tears to everyone's -- -- -- -- -- -- and Selena Gomez thank you so much of that. -- car. Blob broke it up officially and now the rumor mill's churning -- the reason to war. -- -- first -- Miller and stood still right now is that he they're there they are the now split couple says that he is kind of got his -- on this woman named Barbara. -- -- who is a Victoria's Secret model the rumor was he was at the Victoria's Secret other big holiday fashion to in the wings and all that kind of behind up. Andrew that -- -- on the catwalk there but that is apparently seeing this go to your wondering. Who she is she's Hungarian she was born in Budapest she's 57 wears a size three. -- of course she's nice training children a junior science -- he says that she's a Victoria's Secret Angel. All this good stuff but apparently the rumors out there that she herself already has a boyfriend so -- -- Justin's not breaking up. Existing relationship here but anyway the thieves is moving on and then on top of that. He recently gave some performance -- he. -- Justin Timberlake speak -- several years ago called Crimea river which is assault. They just didn't say after the break up with Britney -- all -- tonight alluding to that Britney was the one who was cheating on him -- -- and harassing the Justin. We don't perform that song for a reason to send -- message out there about. You know why did you really broke up -- -- it's all Hollywood smile who cares but it's missing speculation going on this. Morning pick something that maybe a little more straightforward but just as scandalous yes we -- -- who -- is brightly dressed. -- who alma is that we know the voice yes it is Kevin Clash the Emmy winning puppeteer. -- he's played alma over the last 27 years now he's denying accusations that he had sex -- the sixteen year old boy sesame workshop issued a statement Monday saying that a 23 year old man contacted the company in June. Alleging that he and clash had a relationship seven years prior. Sesame workshop conducted a thorough in this investigation found the allegations of underage conduct to be -- substantiate. -- before that's. There's unsubstantiated but he and his in this day and age is the accusations not the truth it seems to stick which is and let me. Yes it's kind of creepy Elmo wrapped up in some cut out all create. -- -- -- -- out -- the -- of what. A man. Well anyway Anne Hathaway obviously she's going to be in the new movie -- news here based on the Galveston famous play and -- 29 years old the -- -- to become emaciated. To like here. You won't see she was no -- she was pretty skinny going into this but she's -- -- lost 25 pounds. To play you know the dying prostitute in in the -- here she said she was -- a state of deprivation physically and emotionally by the time the filming. And did so up to Kabila hype around that movie but Tony she's she's really -- look at arsenal's 25 pounds on top. To do this role in late may is so hopefully be worth it thoroughly review seem to be good but anyway. That's kind. Extreme. Okay let people are looking forward to the political showdown of 2014 actually judges a staunch liberal -- Senate Minority Leader. Mitch McConnell -- in the money could flow and she says. I cherished Kentucky heart and -- -- very honored by the consideration we've just finished election so let's focus on coming together to keep moving -- -- And especially our kids for a did she say she wasn't going to do it she'd be the -- senator outside that I hadn't.

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{"id":17705651,"title":"What Caused the Bieber and Gomez Split?","duration":"3:00","description":"Could Justin Bieber be moving from the \"Wizards\" star to a Victoria's Secret angel?","url":"/WNN/video/caused-bieber-gomez-split-17705651","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}