CDC predicts up to 200,000 coronavirus deaths by Labor Day

This comes as schools face new struggles in bringing back students. ABC's Andrea Fujii reports.
3:05 | 08/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CDC predicts up to 200,000 coronavirus deaths by Labor Day
Now to the corona virus at a new forecast from the CDC it's predicting up to 200000. Deaths in the US. My Labor Day this comes as parents and teachers get new guidance on how to best keep kids safe a private school in Florida is the latest to force students into quarantine. Because of a child tested positive ABC's injured Fuji has the latest. This morning a grim trend in America more than 1000 people dying from corona virus every day in the past two weeks. Although fewer states are reporting increasing cases. Seventeen states are seen an increase in hospitalizations. And 21 states plus DC and Puerto Rico are seen more daily deaths. This is many schools are still struggling with the task of bringing students back doctor Anthony found she advising and the best way to reopen. You're red zone. I think you really gotta be careful and try to get your county your city your state. Doubts we yellow will agree. That she also interviewed by actor Matthew McConaughey Kate Thursday. You want to hold the applause we want to go to school. It's in Florida Tampa area schools now forced by the state to open or risk losing millions in federal funds. But for some schools that have already reopened swift setbacks. At least 2400 students and staff quarantined across at least six states. And Mesa, Arizona. Personal protective equipment now being stored in a warehouse for schools throughout the district we've been ordering all summer and then for patient returned in person the American academy of pediatrics now recommending all children older than to Wear masks seem face coverings should be part of their new normal. Like seatbelts or bike helmets. Researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia say with fall approaching the virus could spread fast in Chicago Boston and Baltimore. They only have weeks left before the ninth get colder in the transmission that mimics may actually worsen. Boston teachers rallied outside City Hall for remote only learning there school reopening now delayed until September 21. In New York City pressure mounting to delay in person learning until the end of September. In Fresno California. One private school reportedly in rolling hundreds of new students for classes but county health officials threatened to close the school students come on campus later today. A hearing in Florida on the lawsuit brought by teachers hoping to overturn the State's order forcing schools to reopen. The hearing done on Xoom because of health concerns. Penn state university is revising a compact students must sign to attend classes. In the original document students assumed all virus related risk. Now the document saying even with litigation Penn State can't prevent exposure risks. Corona virus also forcing school sports to make a big adjustments. The NCAA president announcing there won't be any fault championships this year because there aren't enough schools. Participating. Kenneth Mona Andrea thank you.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"This comes as schools face new struggles in bringing back students. ABC's Andrea Fujii reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72370449","title":"CDC predicts up to 200,000 coronavirus deaths by Labor Day","url":"/WNN/video/cdc-predicts-200000-coronavirus-deaths-labor-day-72370449"}