Throwback Thursday: Celebrate the Barbie Doll

Despite sales that are down, a look back at the history of the iconic Mattel toy.
5:03 | 07/18/13

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Celebrate the Barbie Doll
Right evolving world maybe not anymore news this morning that sales of -- -- down for a fourth straight quarter. Passes and that makes this sad sad sad but it also gives a reason to celebrate all -- -- -- this throwback third day. Let's get a gallon this fantastic plastic lady was born in 1959. The brainchild of a couple who founded Mattel creations. He was inspired by watching their daughter of former labor issue golf and the Pentagon. Actually and I don't -- So -- actually looked at first this in 1959. And this is teenage fashion mono -- powerful. What I did not know this is a Barbie Millicent Roberts from the fictional -- Wisconsin. First year 300. -- dolls -- -- -- think immediately that gap. -- -- -- -- -- Check out that's kind of conservative -- few years later in 1970 a lot of money is rock and rock and roll look live action laws came down with a special -- Drucker called I'm happy I'm -- -- even danced around the living -- 1973 Mattel introduced an African American adult Malibu Christie. The controversy over the early African American army tough critics and other features learn a little -- Caucasian so they kept the same dogs as -- came here in different kind. -- -- Tonight he's Miguel. Involving keeping her passion for fashion there but this time she's introduced a little mismatched hipster look completely back -- moments -- -- -- -- Remember the ninety's. I guess so all those bodies didn't sell themselves -- -- -- commercials to make sure that the girls who. 1 morning and here's a look at this twist and turn the army from nineteen. Have you heard what's happened. Why -- these -- Why these new and different -- the very same size but now she comes with a -- outdoor look and barbie's life is a really for real. That's awesome last telephone realists like those latches it was in Malibu Barbie that was the popular one. She had -- -- and real mountains for instance has -- -- -- that you liked. -- But he had to -- beach -- and sunglasses and Malibu. I look at Ben and skin that makes them at bay yeah they telling -- didn't fashion. I think in the city attorney factions want to look no further than 1988. Market returns to a lot of -- that just Simon -- has -- All morning just a rock star to. 1961. Registered winners without. -- very fast. Thank you think they're Asian Maynard did -- -- -- the glasses made her debut as -- career -- upset about it and. Manhattan. 1986 she set her sights on the stars and became an astronaut home. And then that's 2010 she found it reached the pinnacle of all possible occupations and news anchor Barbara. Finally. To. Look what's a good woman without some candy was somebody -- And -- and -- first boyfriend. Only boyfriend -- digging into -- after Barbie in 1961 when he was named after the son tells founders. Elliot -- that's a little weird because -- was named after the daughter Barbara. 178. Conducting a little more classic -- One he didn't change her longtime space and has stayed the same for awhile but he -- the floor -- about today here -- In 1982. The hair well there was a little out of control what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And hair picketed outside as little more like -- 2000 part of Valentine's Day party can broke up after meeting of the 43 years. Never -- day in the state of -- seven years until 2011 coming up back together with some. Chat rooms is that this. Bringing drugs tomorrow despite the dramatic story like everybody fictional did you know that I didn't start it believe it and that doesn't stop some -- -- trying to make them real -- Case in point humane cat and dog -- Allegedly that is that we -- going into what he's had about a hundred surgeries to get him. He's been injected with Philadelphia's all over his body including his biceps and triceps and he's had -- nose jobs and plans to. Work so far it's -- a 100000 box. -- adds a little creepy and this is relied partly. 23 year old Valerie -- Look at noble from the Ukraine she says she's all natural except the blue light contact lenses over natural green eyes right the two met earlier this -- by the way apparently -- And really them -- for.

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{"id":19696277,"title":"Throwback Thursday: Celebrate the Barbie Doll","duration":"5:03","description":"Despite sales that are down, a look back at the history of the iconic Mattel toy.","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-celebrate-barbie-doll-19696277","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}