Celebrating 25 Years of 'World News Now': How It Came to Be

The first executive producer of "World News Now," David Bohrman, takes a look back at the show's beginning, from concept to what set it apart.
4:05 | 01/04/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrating 25 Years of 'World News Now': How It Came to Be
And hello from New York I'm Lisa McRee. And I'm Aaron brown and this is the premier broadcast of ABC's world news now it was unimaginable that this program would. With bush last two years thumb not ten or fifteen or fifty post one or. 45. I mean we also been fired immediately at some point in probably making 81 middle. Marlins made up. Pledge to the affiliates and and NBC news was gonna do it overnight news program and the only thing that rune said his it will be a half hour. Governments at all that up in this half hour but we begin as we always do. And the B news weather and sports an area that was staff who described sometimes like green lane because the family Ferrari. In the only instruction was don't. Fractured hips Strachan a little bit but don't rational. Oh over New York I'm Aaron brown and I'm Lisa McRee arrogantly say the most amazing industry. That's sort of this real antagonism you know they didn't really want to tell them fail but they wanted to see how far they can get there will be. What we talked for a moment while I'm dying again and together they were met its us. This half hour outside more serious ways and that's good news in this. The break graphics department one of the keys to world news that was the graphics are. And it's like come up with a crazy idea I want a cardboard cut out of recent. In windy would go make it go from me aren't happy new year I'm Aaron Brown. Lisa's off posting the town. And other it turned out that when they were off the best fill in what's the cardboard cutout. Because you do it did him you'd give a look. Thank you Lisa bingo or pay Aron. But it was part of the attitude of the program and an eleven New York I'm Lisa McRee Aaron Brown is off this. Morning it was it was released every day there were there were hundreds of moments. But has have been set up to this by the way into this can't hear constituents'. By some crazy idea apple worked response teams that moral spectrum there are dozens and dozens of but seven day yet. All companies will serve their logo right there on the screen but we like to pick for trend setters looks good especially like the hand you're doing okay. Doing sports and a strange way we will do the rest of this segment without the technology available to us he should speed things up. We'll see here we go. Perfect role the film please if it just back from a lab thank you very much it was probably the most fun. The group of people individually and as a group. I think that ever happened. Over the years. The handoff of the bankers has. This has happened really well higher but am kind of services in the cut out I got the job. But there is safe and there isn't sort of a brotherhood. A connection. On the street. Day for the program it was really an honor you're the Big Brother I never had and it was such a wonderful unexpected and a half half. Oh yeah paint her chemistry and it's always been an interest in an important I think a lot of times when you watch the news it seems like they're sort. As manufacturing relationship between the guy and ladies and they're giving a news and nothing could be further from the truth the program has changed over the years both in format from ABC news. And and personalities. Eight curse sessions series has been another part of the reason and it's plastic. And people who are on the program going and news. To this day there's still some of luck of the DNA. It's different for a lot of reasons televisions different. But the DN news.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"The first executive producer of \"World News Now,\" David Bohrman, takes a look back at the show's beginning, from concept to what set it apart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44542358","title":"Celebrating 25 Years of 'World News Now': How It Came to Be","url":"/WNN/video/celebrating-25-years-world-news-now-44542358"}