Celebrating 25 Years of World News Now: Lisa McRee Returns

Original anchor Lisa McRee returns to the set of World News Now to host a short news broadcast.
6:18 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for Celebrating 25 Years of World News Now: Lisa McRee Returns
And good morning I'm Lisa McRee alongside Aaron brown and some news this morning involving though world wide web. That web. Extend all the way to Dallas where an Amazon user a hard lesson in all that cool new technology out there today. For six year old daughter figured out how to place an order to you LX which is Amazon's new voice activated device. I think tank took her opponent John husband some complete think perhaps you can't. He'll Warren says anything he. As you might expect that 170 dollar doll house arrived along with four pounds of sugar cookies they donated the doll house to a local Children's Hospital. But they kept the quickest pretty cute right Aron. Karen. Resilient judging the judges thirty child sees us with less what do you have there yet. The news business basin which we its world news now all right it's 2017 we have like a real desk we have. Props department but there is this story. That vice critic gore gore actually I want to thank you also know how you. Yeah highway we that he not the world why no it's not a word now we don't even call it the WWW not that I read heard and he anymore but. Dean become president. Lisa what did you come on he had join us nowhere. See how Nancy and head of the signing up underneath fancier around our prison McCurry ladies get. I was anemic number dad hey Aaron Brown Aaron Berry avenue these. And there was bar. Their drink yet for new center. We'll chat and I don't and to have you here I don't know who I am. Then came back after 25 years we'll what's great is that hardly anybody's last 6 o'clock. That's good gigabyte meaning it isn't likely tried much fun here is certain laugh from desert and cameraman named Willis yes let's have him. And my old boss David Borman the board. Monster east here pointed out that he hired you. Anyone even when you look back at all the work that you guys do wonder how you guys kept employed all those you hear who it is and let's let's take a quick look back. And Merry Christmas from New York I'm Lisa McRee Aaron Brown is scrambling down your chimney even as we speak I guess it's good time as any to remind you of the dangers of drinking on this holiday because right in the middle of that sportscaster creek fell off. We care. A OK we got the idea. Pablo. Everything yeah. Schools are doing. There was no sumo wrestling report out today so we show the ticket and that all might. Speaking of sports home lines which do you think what's better with my jacket but. If that's sort of a mixed bag a little bit of everything in the midsection including a little since I had earlier. Hey baby hey is created it and get them signing out of there thank you. I'm. You can't fires have. Nemo Knowles have moved toward geeky guy. Oh Larry must face you know Nikkei I can tell. From New York didn't use them. Then is world news now. If you'd like this is job please have a resume. Show us the answer according savvy went 63 New York, New York. Can you believe we do this week after week Benson and then headed in this world news now. And some sources Akerson in their resonating. Comes into. The you that was lows in the low. A paycheck away for every. You guys in the BCC's weeks. 10 o'clock at night and we are on the air from Chile and to 6 AM in the morning holy not a music like fifteen minute we're doing there Aaron. Every parent and and then meet and where I'm from Florida fort there and we here at the bars at 5 AM yeah yeah. Behind and business included produced few good yeah any particular you know favorite moment. From your time on the show. That sticks out you. You know any time that we can go through the night without falling asleep on the floor on his Obama called you know that was good step in the right direction. It really big highlights there. But reports sort of Teamsters morrow and they're also tinged with the best of nineties fashion. As we look back and not the how many different turtle necks did you have a long term dean that they're beautiful. We talked about sleeping initialed about what that noise it made it they would convert into. Yeah what you take your jacket off and you can have company over for a good good good. Yeah bring that I. Back. Eight. Honestly I don't hearings that the hearings hearings they got big they look like you it was like a QBC dream and I naked later under the hot lights and we need to look at I don't know I love it. For that you thought you guys had ground across the line too far. Oh sure but nobody care nobody here. She as. Far as we have all these predecessors a look at what was it like. Are you doing that show for the first time what did you thing. Well you know what mormons that we you know we we were just excited that we were able to play with all the stuff in that nobody was gonna tell us to stop you know it was. Basically like pick the mice coming in in the middle of the night meaning all of. Furniture around that it is Bayliss saying that it's a thank you so much for hanging out with Elizabeth. Here is continuing on there's a dozen Knight who's your favorite co anchor Aaron or cardboard Aaron. Well. There is flat parent has his chocolate. Should gendarme. Which we're gonna do later in the modern who actually hit thanks so much.

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{"duration":"6:18","description":"Original anchor Lisa McRee returns to the set of World News Now to host a short news broadcast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44594186","title":"Celebrating 25 Years of World News Now: Lisa McRee Returns","url":"/WNN/video/celebrating-25-years-world-news-now-lisa-mcree-44594186"}