Celebrating 25 Years of 'World News Now': Reporting the News of the World

A look back at some of the countless stories "World News Now" has reported over the years.
6:22 | 01/04/17

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Transcript for Celebrating 25 Years of 'World News Now': Reporting the News of the World
President Bush is up and around and feeling a little bit better and is the first good look we've had him. To collapse last night at a state dinner in Tokyo Democrats open their 41. Convention here Madison Square Garden tonight. And hello from New York as an election night having a great and I'm Erin brown and in the news at this hour. He is now president elect Bill Clinton after stunning electoral victory in states that haven't gone where Democrats in a good long time. And the thirty year political career of George Bush he is now over. Welcome President Clinton does want a second term by a much bigger margin than his first defeated Republican nominee Bob Dole with an overwhelming majority of the electoral. Well the story this morning is one of horror and heroics in the nation's heartland of the ruling the search goes on in what's left of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building there. Rescue workers say they are having to crawl over corpses to look for the living. For the first time in almost sixteen months OJ Simpson is spending a night at home in freedom. Hello everyone I'm Mark Mullen in New York our top story this morning as the crash of TWA flight 800 shortly after it took off from John F Kennedy Airport in New York. It route to Paris. We'll. World mourns the death of Princess Diana she died in a car crash in Paris yesterday and many in Britain and around the world are overcome. By grief. The Coast Guard has given up hope of finding the Kennedys or Carolyn older sister Lauren alive this morning John Kennedy Jr. who was 38 and his wife Carolyn who was 33. Are presumed dead it is Thursday morning and after seven months in the United States Elian Gonzales goes. His return to Cuba marks the end of bitter international custody battle for the new president a less certain community. As a divisive election ends our nation must rise above a house divided. It's Monday morning in Daytona last flat plains and NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt is being remembered as one of the graves and. Auto racing history for those of you just joining us this is ABC's continuing live coverage of the terrorist attack on the United States I'm Derek McGinty. And at this hour emergency school crews are still sifting through the tons of rubble looking for victims of the World Trade Center attack. And as the rescue efforts here at the Pentagon continue around the clock so does the search for those who did this but we begin this morning. At ground zero where my colleague Alison Stewart is right near the site of the World Trade Center. Were lined up on sixth avenue. Just staring sort of blankly down where the towers used to be. Boston's. At this hour. American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations. To disarm Iraq. To free its people and to defend the world from grave danger. We begin with the war the first airstrike against Iraq came in a predawn attack the church's leaders meet at the Vatican to plan the funeral of Pope John Paul the second time this morning from New York I'm Heather Cabot in the funeral later this week is expected to drop the greatest number of pilgrims and heads of state ever to the Vatican officials say the water level has stopped rising as engineers struggled to repair collapsed levees. But that's little consolation for those who have lost everything they evacuations continue in the Moreland this morning so much and certainly their right now. Think again this morning with breaking news or continental express plane slams into a house in upstate new York and burst into flames. There are at least four dozen deaths we begin this morning with us developing story from West Virginia. A coal mine explosion has killed at least 25 workers mine safety officials say it appears that methane gas caused the explosion just as in the say go disaster for years ago us. America has spoken. Barack Obama is now president elect of the united state in the street in front of the White House there has been. And extraordinary scene thousands of exuberant supporters. Celebrating Obama's victory right there on Pennsylvania Avenue. Incredible but it does overseeing an earthquake that is processed hammer really watching missing nominees now dramatic footage there. Homes and buildings literally just being washed away the mission to kill bin Laden was carried out by Navy SEALs and his city not far from the capital of Pakistan's President Obama broke the news late last night. This morning on a special edition of world news now tragedy at sandy hook. So we'll take you live to Newtown Connecticut in just a moment where the president privately visited families in grief and publicly called for action. Sandy made landfall near Atlantic City, New Jersey. Rocky shore around it like eastern last night the storm bringing sustained winds at 85 miles per hour. But the damage started well before that. Terror at the Boston Marathon. Twin explosions shatter a celebration. Turning a day of joy into a deadly nightmare. And we begin this half hour worth of new details about the deadly bombings we've learned that one of the three victims of the explosion. Was an eight year old boy good Monday morning we begin this half hour with new details on Edwards noted international flight for freedom to same sex marriages in California are expected to start again next month. And thousands gathered throughout the day in New York's Greenwich Village to mark this historic occasion. The search for the missing Malaysia airlines jet is producing confusion frustration and grief. But not a single piece of evidence asked to what may have happened. Taylor attack you. Man accused of opening fire. It at Paris newspaper office isn't that the deadliest season in France in years we have extensive coverage now officer charged shocking. Video as a white police officer opens fire. On a black man. Fatally shooting him in they'll back as he ran away. This morning on world news now complete coverage of the attacks on parents to city and grief so deep it's difficult to describe we're gonna hear. About those killed in the terror attacks developments unfolding quickly from the Southern California shooting Rampage. The details coming in yeah. Breaking news this morning on world news now anger in America over the election results overnight protesters from coast to coast have been marching against president elect's cabinet while his transition team is working around the clock and harper meet and awaits today. Put the current White House residence.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"A look back at some of the countless stories \"World News Now\" has reported over the years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44542258","title":"Celebrating 25 Years of 'World News Now': Reporting the News of the World","url":"/WNN/video/celebrating-25-years-world-news-now-reporting-news-44542258"}