Celebrating National Cheese Lovers Day

ABC's Kendis Gibson tries his hand at making fresh mozzarella.
4:55 | 01/20/16

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Transcript for Celebrating National Cheese Lovers Day
I'm he has. Yeah me. With the humans it sucks the elderly what I that Nazis murdered. The ads from the national dairy boarded turns 29 today. And really what is your not to like about she's a sweet creamy salty nets. Navarro team. And he absolutely. Well today is national cheese lovers day and we will celebrate and in honor of the sacred food holiday. I decided to try my hand at making my own fresh mozzarella. But I did have a good well reckoning a lot of insiders it could send. If there isn't anywhere to celebrate international he's lovers' day. It is here Maurice they've been in the business since 1940s but today they face their biggest challenge. Teaching me how to make mozzarella. Are here to help us celebrate is again. His education. Mike again terrier Murray would've waited. These are popped up a lot of cheeses meaning pulled occurred that we're going to take some uneasy mozzarella curd. We're heated up stretching from general in the mall and turn into the delicious fresh mozzarella and we all know and love. So let's take a look that occurred it's this Cuba on your plea here pick it up take a look in good taste for a couple little piece okay. It doesn't expect Brian Scott Barrett hits missing. Saul Saul absolutely this is just water straight out attack as hot as your tap and go we just want to bring that heard up to room temperature. Certainly and the really hot water. It doesn't have to work so hard he just feels like you're playing your food. Are we making mozzarella soup. This is we are supposed to do it okay so you're actually making mobs I would never want you do what you're doing right now. My second best here second that you just take your container here in just dump the water out here occurred in the bowl now we're going to break up or mozzarella curd to increase its service area again and are really hot water that network if you some houses by an angular squeezing. Break them up. So all of this is gonna come back together absolutely camp with the weirdest place. Form that somebody is me I have a feeling you're gonna make the weirdest. I have ever seen and add some salt 12. Things are going. Four pretty and ethical and so then we just thought the salt in their coat so this water sit around a 170. Degrees the top pocket. So we do is we're working occurred towards the center of the bowl. All right to have these things but then I mean there's pretty much no other way to get handmade mozzarella and I we're adding more power. We're employee at. But you can see already we are getting did and healthy look at it but the whole whole. Fold over a couple of times that gets his license them luscious texture. Sort of put back on the what when we keep get right in the middle there we're gonna take a big old pinch ran Addison. And has let it stretch and you can't be guided with your other hand were making a written it. They're gonna do that to three fingers wide and as soon as your ribbons long enough just let it fall back into the bowl. Lenders rip off what you got her book the restaurant work the ribbon and we have here roll up. Now we're gonna make an OK sign with a right now the most important thing is to keep your thumb in your index finger together all. But federal case and right on top experts on in your push the murder mystery. Tough more of your mozzarella occurred over and do is just take your other hand and just snip right on top and rip rip what's in your hand now. And you and it's been thought it'd just talking on the bottom of the ball the cool waters that helps a lot of that shape their character development that that it can. And it. There are getting pressure and that's definitely get proves that I can make something not very well but. Something I think she's day it took me. So while. This is mine this is the finished product that I might that we had well no don't work out okay I've got that's our actual ball this is my actual. Mozzarella Baja so. You're very well. Well when to dig and experts like that for a picnic you tell you I think there really wasn't tougher mind you I cut the trees. And that it's really not that tough of a process to make mozzarella. It's really just salt and fat really at the end of the day. And we have some now. Enjoy that. We'll mention I'm lactose intolerant. In.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"ABC's Kendis Gibson tries his hand at making fresh mozzarella. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"36392509","title":"Celebrating National Cheese Lovers Day","url":"/WNN/video/celebrating-national-cheese-lovers-day-36392509"}