What's Changed at the Beach?

"WNN" takes a look at the differences of yesteryear and today when heading to the beach.
5:11 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for What's Changed at the Beach?
Another seven. -- -- All hands -- -- -- -- -- -- at least until sweeps up next to -- mainly -- to finally -- cold. So we figured we get to the beach we're -- -- -- beach he didn't. Check it out we have gotten out. Hell yeah that was it's harder here ridiculous. Did battle -- this is but whatever -- This I got my opinions. I got my sunglasses. Yeah and a heart attack a -- -- -- that and that is pretty and. I don't I don't change the channel -- we literally playing this segment -- a good. Shall -- three minutes that you -- with -- -- the ride hours all of those things don't got us thinking about the whole days to win. -- things of course were a lot different here on the beach that's right and you know over a certain age what you paid out in your backyard with a little. Start a bottle of baby oil -- Coca-Cola which I did by the way. That was -- -- knew I'd never heard him. And you want them you will take it works the sugars -- and that -- that whatever is in the current. Including. You have a -- -- -- only Coca-Cola CI that was what your suntan lotion and that is something you I've never been doing it. Oh yeah do you -- -- money. Yeah -- -- settlements go to save time yeah. It found for example the -- -- suspect and check it out. Yeah. It's. -- you gotta miss the -- as usual. Beautiful woman the commercial but of course they'll be no all the dangers things that you need your help we found that woman in the commercial and. Now -- Now clubs led. -- He sounds great protest. You have -- to Larry yelling -- Want to share some. Thank you may not have known about heat and about the summer digging out. The temperature hit 95 degree -- here. -- drops about 45% would have been. On the show what he gets into the seventy degrees and -- right now. I like I don't. Nacchio with a good enough. Hey how about this mosquitoes while the most annoying. You know parts of summer they've been around for thirty million years and they actually get this confined to warm blooded mammals from a hundred feet away. Lowell and -- -- the critters the frequent theater critics -- fluctuates with the temperature if you count cricket -- with fifteen seconds it -- Thirty -- -- have the approximate outdoor temperature in Fahrenheit that's fast and problem could be -- They do that you have no life. That's another random summer factoid friends -- Eiffel Tower we all know that he will grow by more than six pitches in summer. The expansion of the iron -- hot hot days exemption is a good. And -- nervous about that -- -- you could tell him I'm. Also investors are harder to work these days making sure we can be told -- -- -- -- -- that -- that aren't on here now. There is a little -- -- and got to tell you that he never garnered its -- -- the -- The company of course the manufacturer warrants before ordering it won't even manager and -- carefully and check this finding charred. There are no returns or exchanges for product could. Dear -- here that you stay. Yes probably but will -- -- normal. Yes it -- -- is something I don't even have worked in this saw another studio would have been out this week. An air conditioned shirt three dollars -- comes in light blue leaning blue and dark -- it has -- -- -- Inside the -- keep -- called another warning you know from the manufacturer the instructions are -- there -- But they promise they're easy to understand how are they are already getting paid your head gets a little -- -- trying to -- on her side give them. That's right -- and had. Not only doesn't keep your -- -- if so how. -- -- -- -- The coolant used to -- and finally if you can't immediately enjoyed unless there's a mermaid tail for a hundred bucks you can cool down I've never seen a -- Arab water wings might come -- -- along that this has further to get heat you want you to -- you want to drowning because that's crazy. The broom -- -- that your eating -- -- even if you're going to be. You know where -- mermaid -- Jennifer Miller high tech segment everybody -- world news now enjoy this summer single.

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{"id":19685037,"title":"What's Changed at the Beach?","duration":"5:11","description":"\"WNN\" takes a look at the differences of yesteryear and today when heading to the beach.","url":"/WNN/video/changed-beach-19685037","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}