Changing the face of fashion

From an intern to editor-in-chief, Lindsay Peoples Wagner is using her role at Teen Vogue to bring diversity and inclusion to the fashion industry. ABC News’ Lataya Rothmiller reports.
4:57 | 02/28/20

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Transcript for Changing the face of fashion
I don't plan on being an actual act I never thought would happen Lindsay people's Wagner has come a long way from round here was Constance of the fashion scenes from the brewers. For years and months. I'm always love fashion and I didn't really have that many examples of fashion O'Brien for midwest so a lot and that was. Magazines and that's really where my love magazines started. She was just 28 when she took over as editor in chief of teen book in 2018. Becoming the youngest and only woman hoping to head a major magazine. For us everything that London has to make our audience they'll slow her. Her full circle story began as an intern at teen -- were in the closets her hustle eventually landed her fashion editor gate after cut. There she couldn't a groundbreaking article everywhere and nowhere when it's really like to be black and fashion. A lot of people that had been in the industry a long time I'm had told me you know. This is not a good idea and variant Blackbaud imagined and in a job after this. She's been six months interviewing over 150. Black professionals in the fashion industry about their experiences. I was careful the whole time as well I felt very strong hold that it was something that I had implore her initial post receiving hundreds of comments and rows of three shares. Opening a conversation that had been taboo. Soon after she caught the attention a book editor in chief in creative director Anna wintour she's just get out. Yeah that in a place. Indeed of the lead editor sixteen votes she shot Lindsey's. I mean how grateful or thankful act letter old temple like. She got the job. Between 2005. And 2013. Only two black woman briefs Vanity Fair covers beyonce in Kerry Washington. From 2012. To 20169. Out of 48 of Harper's bazaar cover stars were of color. During that same time period at Esquire Magazine just eleven. In her first tier teams are people's Wagner's covers begin to reflect more diversity. She featured India more the first trans person of color and the magazine's history to be on the cover. And will now as acts of clear black man and his first magazine cup. Then people are just changing the culture now and affecting literally every need every part you can't turn on the news of housing over an hour you know cocoa crop for all the people that we we'll feature. She also pioneered initiative calling generation next. A program in which to select group of young designers showcase their current lines to fashion industry that's like Ana winds were. It flew. Don't come from a fan me that is well connected in the industry you don't really know how to start relying kind of funding approval from the get to produce say it. And I really wanted to be a place and land. Men terror and help and support group of men designers and I really felt like needed help. She continues to show her support begin designers like 24 year old Christopher John rides program. The show was especially. Okay. We will understand kind of until his experiences lamentable prospectus and play whatsoever if possible alternatives. By staying true to her identity the. I think I want federal. To look and like us. Like I want them to look at Indy and feel like their part of it that's everything. And because I mean I've had little girls learn six in salmon and come out swinging back to stick to support an example and that. And that changes when she thinks it's possible and yeah. Now to CN Lindsay is currently overseas attending Paris Fashion Week but next for her back here in New York. It's eighteen folks summit this may and that's a public event where young attendees get the chance soon. The inspire rather famous celebs and industry pros which has. More proof of Lindsey's passion for uplifting generations. Com she's doing so much for young designers. One of her desire is doing very well herself now she just went on to make efforts to million dollars underneath. When that people who are our generation next people that she mince words that's so exciting on another one of them went on to present this fast it's past fashion. That's amazing and he told us aren't you mentioned that you may have seen Anna wintour adding many peak of her walk and Barack and I got suddenly it was it was exciting we stayed in early and that you're during your interview that cool and you saw. And when toward Iraq by up and she agrees what were you wearing what it really hasn't announced it was safely kept a secret. Up an hour's hot rapper and there's you'll like it next. I love it that is really great and I really think that is a fitting way for us to in the black history macho world is now with someone who them mover and shaker opt for new work for an up collar. Who really is the future access and representation is everything clearly it really does matter with tea think they are usually pretty good to see you again.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"From an intern to editor-in-chief, Lindsay Peoples Wagner is using her role at Teen Vogue to bring diversity and inclusion to the fashion industry. ABC News’ Lataya Rothmiller reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"69279085","title":"Changing the face of fashion","url":"/WNN/video/changing-face-fashion-69279085"}