Check Out What's Cool for Back to School

Toy Insider, Laurie Schacht, shows new supplies for the upcoming school season.
3:59 | 08/19/14

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Transcript for Check Out What's Cool for Back to School
It's good timing here when kids pout and parents rejoice it's back to school. And says it's time to reboot the brains we've got Laurie Shaq the toy insider mom here with some great items to help reinforce that -- can indeed be fun as well as going back to school. It whether it will again -- that separate us so quick. Start with something -- Quick twist of the legs and we have a standalone he's so this starts for the preschoolers -- -- -- -- -- his youngest you know. And it got up -- white what I want side in a blackboard on the other. I have my watchable. Mark -- so kids can drive which was a great invention by the way not only can they drive here but when you draw on their skin or other close it'll washes out -- -- -- decorated launched ads. Whether it's brown paper or recently as part of the fun -- going back to skin all right so this is the new Levy -- And really -- it's the first tracking device activity tracker -- little cat since I'm so we put this time it's tracking and when you know walking running jumping. But there's also challenge is built it. So it might stay -- like picking a -- Swim like it fetched and of course the more they do the more points they -- the point. -- -- -- It unlocks games and then just like Jackson mumbled something like a Smartphone exactly -- -- wearable tech which is really big these days sell this is a little speller phonics station. And if you turn the -- will see the lights and the graphics. -- -- -- sound. -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- And pushing that. How to do well. Well that -- Cell cancer learning letter recognition. -- sent letters and they learn to spell up to 203. -- awards. Fantastic for our ticket scrap up so I love this because straighten out but like we spoke about before -- the whole family together and -- -- scrap a classic but here's a new twist this is the this is the score keeper. So it's electronic. Pens -- a -- tax grapple is going high tech. So not only does -- keep score but it is elsewhere timer and it so they can speed up the game and get to -- -- thinking a little quick. And other so it keeps score but you still have to participate as well have to do sound Mets you have to add up what ever points you get in each rant at a wedding though we're at right management at the words right. Okay they -- Pretty cool -- a game that tracked yes this is for. Fourteen and that I think they're talking about -- -- -- -- and I think that they're talking about feel and magnetic field. So what have -- these magnets and this is hearts of attraction. It's a great game for older kids and families would ask you to do is to -- your heart to those and let's see how many. So all the UR I'm -- the fire and I would -- next. And you should be mine and the goal is to have the most part of the instigate. And you keep rolling McCartney just keep -- -- the wrong not what does it mean if you get the most part that you win RAF. And I would connects over here and something tells me is going to be pretty popular hit it and you know what it's not a new -- in here this year -- -- science technology engineering and mathematics and this fits right into it. This -- next educational line. And this is exploring wind and water and you're going to -- in the -- since I don't happen that -- eldest or seven models they can build in this case. 280 pieces and they really -- to understand. How we can harness the energy. From nature to make things -- this is pretty cool great laugh as well all of these thanks to Laurie -- the toy insider dot com you can of course find a list of these products on our FaceBook page WNN band that's.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Toy Insider, Laurie Schacht, shows new supplies for the upcoming school season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"25032584","title":"Check Out What's Cool for Back to School","url":"/WNN/video/check-cool-back-school-25032584"}