Check Out Early Video of World News Anchor David Muir

David Muir, newly-announced World News anchor, got his start at Ithaca College.
4:00 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for Check Out Early Video of World News Anchor David Muir
OK -- time that we mentioned a few minutes ago. -- changes are coming here right to this very desk and ABC news in September day even your will replace Diane Sawyer is anchored world news but overnight -- -- First that's exactly right David got his start right here co anchor of world and -- there is. In 2003. -- and after his overnight shift he offered to help Good Morning America just over a year later he moved on to daytime reporting its. And one other -- but couldn't resist -- week with David -- world news now we had to dig it up very early but we had its share with -- pants. It's from April 1992. When David actually -- broadcasted I think that Collins take a look. Thank you -- democratic presidential candidate Jerry Brown's big win Vermont yesterday brings the number of delegates he has to 159. That's still far from the amount he needs to get the democratic presidential nomination. But there is no question. -- -- how the voice a little definitely worth a lot different but already looking like an anchorman to that -- and even then the flooding. In this country we're gonna move on -- that it appears to be -- Americans abroad. Actor rob Lowe's family vacation on the French Riviera was nearly washed away as torrential rain poured in his vacation home there. His son posted this video online in early morning storm dumped. Three months of rain on the south of France in just four hours the entire first floor was under water. The lowest had to be rescued the actor tweeted a picture of his wife thanking the firefighters. Next up to the 21 century digital influence that many of us. He -- that we actually loved to do yes a new survey by Tivo shows that 90% of US. People believe that they enjoy watching is a common behavior and 40% admit to doing -- at least once with and it weekend three most didn't watch shows. Out -- breaking bad house of cards I've done that. In game thrown. Both of those what's what's driving all this -- watching the speculation is the desire to be caught up enough to engage in dialogue about the show on social media. -- -- -- The next installment of Hunger Games won't be in theaters until November 21 but its producers are lifting occur ten. Spelling of it here a new and very brief trailer of the Hunger Games mocking -- part one. Figures are completely white. President snow played by Donald Sutherland accompanied by an equally Whiting completely silent peete have played by Josh -- So boy but the message from the president's know is dark he says. -- you resist the assistant U starve yourself that you fight against did it is you who will bleed out Slough. OK you was taking a dark and light. Guess who's gone to get through and telling the world about it. Kim card -- and she took an -- Graham yesterday to show off her new. Blond locks OK well maybe not there -- granting it an act passed tag blond hair. Looking good. He looks good however he does okay the reality star dyed her hair and back to black in February but then she. -- have a serious case in dire remorse and a freaking out on. -- insider that she was missing -- -- hair not knowing whether to build light again or dark again and used it and hash tag. First world problems. Right personal problems yeah yeah -- -- -- this year huh huh huh huh -- I think she's. Ed let's say shot pays just 44 today he played well in great start there and -- -- Do and the Yankees captain Derek Jeter he's 48 New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick turns thirty for the day. And Angelina. Prevent American original cast removed during -- --

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"David Muir, newly-announced World News anchor, got his start at Ithaca College.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24311872","title":"Check Out Early Video of World News Anchor David Muir","url":"/WNN/video/check-early-video-world-news-anchor-david-muir-24311872"}