Check Out The Most Expensive Cup of Starbucks Coffee

This drink contains 60 shots of espresso and costs more than $60.
2:48 | 07/17/14

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Transcript for Check Out The Most Expensive Cup of Starbucks Coffee
And now it's time for the next okay here's the most expensive cup of Starbucks coffee can you believe it almost 61 dollars. And here's the kicker. Sixty expressing shock and I've got -- -- their chances of Florida woman. Seven -- Bradley dean she's -- 23 year old medical student and can you believe she asked for a white -- -- soy milk and caramel syrup. She didn't pay and I'm for it she walks in with their loyalty -- he goes down about 57 dollars -- uses a pretty cool I'm to get the drink. And if you can believe that she had her own -- even and Starbucks is not happy that that -- -- happened. But there's actually you can't first bring in anything larger than 31 ounces -- -- -- And there's actually -- limits. On the number of shots. That you can actually happen in front of the start my first out of that was that he would kill somebody that would kill somebody I'd need to be resuscitated when -- defibrillator did say didn't she's she's she would share with their friends this said yeah. I don't have a what do you do you have exams leafs have won every day or -- -- -- -- -- a lot of. Friends of the Pacific heart attacks but with the World Cup behind us now American soccer pros are keeping us entertain with. Securities as a -- Ferris viewers today optical. Have to practice today coach I have to be -- to -- fans would it means to be. -- -- No you're not going to practice time this monkey it was let -- -- the last thing we need is a team -- case of the runs. It bought it. And that's likely -- the Chicago -- aboard his plane -- says the. Pretty fun city but -- -- really cute little video. So across the -- For sky news there's a very prominent political reporter and an Andrew and that's -- Adam Bolton and he covers ten Downing Street normally what happened he was outside doing a big report on camera and that British prime minister -- he swallows -- life take -- look. -- I think we look at you know the changing complexion. All of this cabinet compared to. The -- won the one -- today. What we can see is that I don't know that I beg god and his uncles that it's negative votes yet to take -- candidates and ready until -- not here. Pentagon and I don't honor the auditorium. Minerals and -- -- He had to know what started from viewers about prime minister David Cameron's cabinet reshuffle. That he couldn't take a break from swallowing the plot that many of ancient I would lock up the sack full weight -- -- -- -- -- Obama I believe that hold flights to wedding thing. I got it could go down in media history of flights -- -- -- that's ahead of every -- thanks for watching we have more news coming up stay with us right here.

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{"id":24595061,"title":"Check Out The Most Expensive Cup of Starbucks Coffee","duration":"2:48","description":"This drink contains 60 shots of espresso and costs more than $60.","url":"/WNN/video/check-expensive-cup-starbucks-coffee-24595061","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}