Chelsea Clinton Announces Her Second Pregnancy

Former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton reveals she's pregnant with her second child.
3:48 | 12/22/15

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Transcript for Chelsea Clinton Announces Her Second Pregnancy
OK so first in the skinny Christmas indeed coming early for the Clinton family former first daughter Chelsea Clinton sharing the happy news at she's pregnant. With baby number two shouldn't be announced that yesterday on Twitter. With a photo of her daughter Charlotte reading a page. It a book that says big sisters are the backs yet beautiful photo varying grandparents Hillary and bill are also. Reveling in the news and took to the social media to share their excitement. They'll tweeting Christmas comes early Hillary and I are thrilled for Chelsea mark and Charlotte's growing family and. Mrs. Clinton saying we're excited to meet our second grandchild. Politics citing news coming in the middle of the summer very excited just before the convention and then. We'll get right bashing is issuing an apology doubtful for apparently causing the App Store now months. It was quite a stir and it's all because of her new line of new modes he's called. Kim mode now they've really knew an excellent news. It's fir when a dollar and 99 people can choose from 250 symbols of that in. Ways that are not entirely clear relate to the life of Kim Kardashian. The motions include a hair dryer at each with cream gummy bears and the great wave by nineteenth century Japanese. Artist's. Book aside. You're missing the most importantly what's the most important the booty ability so we'll just podium there was or booty mode feature was cant believe you missed that when tennis Gibson. Billion culture I happen here a couple of bats but he himself references but perhaps there should be dollar science and when they're because. At its peak this pulled in nine million downloads in 12 according to TMC. All the money going to charity just kick. The charity called Kardashian blessed households today but. Barry what make it's Sarah Palin finally getting back to report west Nile impersonator Tina pay Fey was back. To host Saturday and why. This past weekend dust up that red blazer and a plate Palin but after. All these years Aaron is playing to be net. In a trailer released for a series called 31 rob playing off phase show of course that's been off the air for nearly two years. And it tells us what Lindsey Graham will be doing now that he's dropped his presidential bid. The only PC I need is the way he knew she'd be able to round in the chest and reasoning it's yellow prison paint. No the writers' room and every he turns. And forced her old friend just added. Now okay here's what you do. Still ours didn't actually change cinema. Mandy looks so much alike so easier than Tina Fey pretty impressive the video many ways for conservative website called independent journal review and they joked that the series maybe for marrying next year I think they're honest some pen could possibly. Ed finally a question over. A popular character of fiction and her suppose it race we're talking about Hermione Granger. The the Harry Potter series in the movie she was played by Emma Watson. A white actress but does revealing that the adult Hermione will be portrayed onstage by know much. Dumb is that when they take it that right graduation the draft case is a black actors it comes confusion among fans and some expressing their displeasure at the apparent changing. Of the characters rapes are holed up. Harry Potter author JK Rollins. Catching wind of the debate and putting it to rest tweeting the correct description of quote brown eyes for easy here and very clever white skin was. Never specified she loves black her mind she's way then she Lawson. He has spoken.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton reveals she's pregnant with her second child. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35902428","title":"Chelsea Clinton Announces Her Second Pregnancy","url":"/WNN/video/chelsea-clinton-announces-pregnancy-35902428"}